The College Planning Values Assessment

Read the list of ten values. Think about the outcomes you hope college will produce for each. Each student will rank them differently, hence there are no "right" answers. Whereas several or even most of these values may be significant for you in one way or another, the goal is to decide the relative importance of each. With 10 being highest, and 1 being lowest, rank them on the basis of:

What do you want college to do for you?

A. To provide me with an academic challenge
B. To provide me with opportunities to exchange intellectual ideas with teachers and students
C. To provide me with lots of fun experiences
D. To prepare me to make a lot of money
E. To provide me with recognition for accomplishments
F. To provide me with opportunities to contribute to others' welfare
G. To help me prepare for a career
H. To give me independence
I. To provide opportunities for me to grow religiously or spiritually
J. To provide me with a variety of new experiences

Now print the form and highlight the values that you have marked with either a 10, 9 or 8. What do your college planning values say about you?

From Barron's Profiles of American Colleges, 19th Edition

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