Transfer Checklist Explanation - Here's Why

Complete the CNSL 5: Introduction to College

The one-unit CNSL 5 course provides you with the critical information you need to make informed decisions about your future. When you complete the CNSL 5 course during the first quarter, you ensure that you are starting your transfer process in the best possible position.

Complete transferable English and Math

Early completion of transferable English and math is critical. To be a successful transfer candidate, university admissions representatives will strongly urge you to concentrate on completing transferable English and math courses in your first year. Do not put these classes off. Doing so may negatively implace your ability to transfer.

Exploratory courses in your area(s) of interest

It's okay to be undecided about your major and/or career goals as you get started. But it's important to choose a major early in your college career. One of the ways to futher explore your interests is by taking introductory courses in different subjects. Completing a variety of introductory classes will help you explore potential majors. And most of these course will fulfill the general education units that are required for transfer. It is critical that you discuss transfer major requirements with your counselor.

Regularly scheduled visits to the Career Center & Transfer Centers

Becoming familiar with the variety of resources available in the center will allow you to make more informed decisions about your transfer and career goals. When you visit the center, you can attend free career- and transfer-related workshops; schedule appointments with visiting university admissions representatives; review Transfer Admission Agreements; access transfer and career Web sites; learn about Foothill Transfer Day activities and special transfer activities; review university catalogs and brochures; and research majors, careers and schools on the Eureka database.

Select at least three universities to which you will apply.

Working with your counselor, you will select schools that may be good potential choices for you. Applying to at least three schools increases your options of having more than one school open to you when making your final selection.

Declare your college major

You will be required to declare a college major when applying to a university. We strongly recommend that you select a major and begin enrolling in major classes during your third quarter. Determine if you enjoy the subject, because you will spend a lot of time completing courses in your major before and after transfer. To be considered for admission to selective schools, you will be required to complete specific lower-division major coursework.

Foothill student support services

Foothill support services can help you increase your academic success. Check out on-campus programs such as the Pass the Torch Study Team Program, Puente Program, EOPS Program, Honors Institute and tutorial services.

Volunteer your talents

University admission representataives will be impressed that you made time to volunteer in your community and/or you have been involved in leadership activities inside and outside of the classroom. We recommend that you visit the Foothill College Service Learning Volunteer Center to determine which volunteer activities appeal to you.

Complete the CNSL 85: Transfer Readiness course

This class is designed to help ensure that you have complied with all the requirements of the transfer process. You will practice writing an effective transfer application and personal statement.

Complete coursework indentified by your counselor

Focusing on completing your major prep classes, general education classes and the 90 units of transferable coursework will make your transfer plans successful. Be certain that you continue to meet with your counselor regularly.

Research financial aid and scholarship requirements

Financing a college education can be expensive. Responsible financial planning should include financial aid programs and scholarships that may be available to help offset educational expenses. More than half of all undergraduate students attending four-year colleges or universities receive some type of financial aid.

Schedule appointments with university representatives

This is your opportunity to speak one on one with a rep from the campuses you are considering. Throughout the year, the Transfer Center hosts admissions representatives from numerous colleges and universities.

Attend transfer workshops

The Transfer Center will help you prepare for successful transfer to the four-year college you choose. Throughout the academic year, the center offers workshops and seminars designed to answer your questions and meet your needs as you prepare to transfer. Subjects include CSU and UC application workshops; Choosing a Major workshops; Choosing a College workshops, and many other subjects. Pick up your copy of the quarterly Transfer Center Schedule of Events in the Transfer Center.

Complete a Transfer Admission Agreement

By following your Individual Educational Plan during your first two years at Foothill, you pave the way to be admitted to the university of your choice - guaranteed! a Transfer Admission Agreement is a written agreement between Foothill College and a four-year college that outlines the courses you must complete and the GPA you must earn to receive early notification of successful admission. Meet with your counselor to write a TAA.

Submit your completed application

Complying with application deadlines is critical! Do not mail your application before the school's application period begins. If you do, your application may not be considered and your fee may not be refunded. Exact filing period dates are published in the university's application form. Application deadlines for private colleges vary. Verify exact deadline dates at the campus(es) you've selected via the Internet by accessing the school's Web site or catalog.


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