College Seal
The Official College Seal

First used on the 1960 commencement ceremony program cover; on ground-breaking ceremony documents, June 20, 1960; and the 1960 annual report cover.

The seal consists of the words FOOTHILL COLLEGE in a circle around a concentric circle depicting a schematic representation of the Los Altos foothills. The slogan "Educational Opportunity for All" appears under this graphic. The circles rest atop the front profile of a book inscribed with the date of the college's founding, 1957.

The seal is the official imprimatur for college documents such as diplomas, certificates and transcripts, and official documents originating from the President's Office, including the president's stationery and business system, the President's Report to the Foothill-De Anza CCD Board of Trustees, and the president's official emails to the Foothill campus community.

Conditions of Use:
The seal may be used only with permission from the President's Office.
All other general conditions of use apply.

Acceptable Configurations:
Owls Logo
Lubalin Graph Bold
Helvetica Black
Official Color:
PMS 186: Logo
(CMYK: 0-100-81-4)
PMS 411: Ancillary type
(CMYK: 0-20-20-48)
Other Color Use:
Single solid color
White (reversed)

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