Marketing Campaigns & Surveys

The Foothill College Marketing and Communications Office develops marketing campaigns to support the college mission by enhancing public awareness and participation in the college's many programs, services and activities. All campaigns seek to increase the overall visibility of the college and reinforce its brand and reputation within the community. Foothill's marketing efforts highlight the high-quality education and dynamic services the college provides to its community, to support the college's growth, reach diverse student populations and communicate to its many constituencies through multiple channels. To effectively communicate and market to existing and prospective students, Foothill College must use of a variety of strategies, based on our target audience communication style, and constantly reevaluate its marketing methods and messages to meet our diverse student population.

Recent Marketing Campaigns

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Student Survey
Recent Campaigns

Foothill Here for You (Winter 2013/2014)

Foothill Here for you (Winter 2013/2014)

Television Advertisements
Television Advertisement 2011
Fall Television 2011

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Print Ads