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Welcome to Foothill College's Program Planning & Review website. Here you will find lots of information about our program planning and program review processes. With the continual assessment and revisions of the Integrated Budget and Planning process at Foothill College, there have been changes to the program review process. Please see the sections below for more information.


An effective program review supports continuous quality improvement to enhance student learning outcomes and, ultimately, increases student achievement rates. Program review aims to be a sustainable process that reviews, discusses, and analyzes current practices. The purpose is to encourage program reflection, and to ensure that program planning is related to goals at the institutional and course levels.

The resource alignment process is designed to align resource allocation or elimination with the College Mission, Core Mission Workgroups, Educational Master Plan (EMP), and program planning and review information. Any new resource requests must be made through the resource alignment process which is part of the Integrated Planning & Budget structure.

Process Overview:

Foothill College instructional programs, administrative units and student services are reviewed annually using the Annual Instructional Program Review Form, with an in-depth, comprehensive review occurring on a three-year cycle (See Quick Forms).

Faculty and staff in departments who contribute to these programs will participate in program review. Deans provide feedback upon completion of the annual templates and will forward the program review on to the next stage of the process. Comprehensive program reviews are forwarded to the Program Review Committee in winter.

Program review addresses five core areas, with a final section for administrator comments and their reflections:

  1. Data and Trend Analysis
  2. Outcomes Assessment
  3. Program Goals and Rationale
  4. Program Resources and Support
  5. Program Strengths & Opportunities for Improvement
  6. Administrator’s Comments, Reflection and Next Steps

Please direct questions and comments to:

  • Kurt Hueg, Acting Vice President, Instruction & Institutional Research
  • Andrew LaManque, Associate Vice President, Instruction & Institutional Research
  • Justin Schultz, Coordinator, Instruction & Institutional Research


Program Review Timeline

Program Review 3 Year Schedule

Division Resource Request Prioritization Sheet

Administrative Cover Sheet

Instructional Cover Sheet

Student Services Cover Sheet

2014-15 ANNUAL Program Review Form, Universal(.docx)

2014-15 COMPREHENSIVE Administrative Program Review Form (.docx)

2014-15 COMPREHENSIVE Instructional Program Review Form (.docx)

2014-15 COMPREHENSIVE Student Services Program Review Form (.docx)


General Program Review Training PowerPoint (PDF)

Comprehensive Program Review Process (PDF)

Instructional Program Review Training (PPT)

Student Services Program Review Training (PPT)

Administrative Program Review Training (PPT)


Accreditation Reports


Educational Master Plan

Integrated Planning & Budgeting Governance Handbook