Veterans and the Community College: A Training Guide

This training program was developed by the Galvin Group for the Chancellor's office to serve as a resource in planning and implementing services for student veterans coming to community colleges.  Foothill is one of the colleges featured in this Guide. 

Ensuring Success for Returning Veterans

A 44-page report from the American Council on Education from the 3-Day Veterans Success JAM in May 2010.

When Johnny Comes Marching Home: Reintegration Problems and Concerns of Military Service Members Returning from Combat

This presentation gives an overview of the major readjustment and reintegration problems of combat soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan Wars as they attempt to engage with community, employers, and educational institutions. The discussion includes an elucidation of the major cognitive, emotional, and behavioral changes war exacts on its participants, a review of the interpersonal interactions one may encounter with these veterans, and the multiple challenges these soldiers present to community institutions who want to help. Also included is an overview of programs developed to assist these soldiers and veterans enhance their chances of success in their vocational and educational goals, and in their relationships as they attempt to become civilian citizens. Free webinar from Innovative Educators. Download PowerPoint.

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