Teaching and Learning

Getting Results: Professional Development Course for Community College Educators

Student Success Quick Tips for faculty

Classroom Assessment Techniques

Authentic Assessment

Teaching Tips

Personal Learning Networks for Educators

Video presentation on why educators should consider creating and participating in a personal learning network.

Blogs as Web-Based Portfolios

By adopting a web-based platform as a container in which to house portfolio content, schools give students a web-based vehicle with endless possibilities to create, collaborate and communicate their learning to the world.

MERLOT Pedagogy Portal

The MERLOT Pedagogy Portal is designed to help you learn about the variety of instructional strategies and issues that could help you become a better teacher.

ELI Discovery Tool: Collaborative Learning Workshop Guide

This comprehensive collaborative learning workshop guide, contains a resource list and five workshop modules intended to reduce some of the extensive work involved in assembling the components and curriculum for such a program.

How to Teach Critical Thinking

You Tube video with Dr. Tricia Alexander, Long Beach City College (35 minutes).

Enhancing Student's Critical Thinking Skills

David Morse, professor of English, Long Beach City College, April 2010. (46-minute video).

Active Learning

"Research has demonstrated that students learn more if they are actively engaged with the material they are studying. This self-paced module consists of annotated websites which include definitions, active learning strategies for use in the college classroom, and practical suggestions and examples of active learning activities." Diane Starke, El Paso Community College.

Principles of Good Practice for Assessing Student Learning

"The practice assessment has become a universal expectation for accreditation and a frequent object of state mandate; nine out of ten institutions now report that they have some type of assessment activity under way. Along the way, a "wisdom of practice" has emerged; the nine principles that follow constitute an attempt to capture some of that practical wisdom." American Association of Higher Education.

Internet Resources for Higher Education Outcomes Assessment

An extensive list of links for resources for assessment compiled by NC State University.

Getting Results

Multimedia resource for community college faculty will challenge your previous thinking about teaching and learning and give you the basic tools for effective classroom practice. The key theme of the course is to encourage you to focus on what the students will do and take responsibility for their success.

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