Student Engagement

A wide variety of mediating factors contribute to student's academic success and achievement during the college years. These factors have the potential to shape both academic and social engagement. Research suggests that student success and engagement are influenced as much by certain attitudes and predispositions as by particular skill sets and levels of preparedness. Although there are patterned variables that influence success, practitioners argue that student success is highly idiosyncratic and individualized. Accepting this premise, how do institutions create and promote a climate that will attend to individual's unique predispositions for engagement? This session examines ways in which to cultivate the habits of mind for academic success and lifelong learning. Free webinar from Innovative Educators.
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"Research has demonstrated that students learn more if they are actively engaged with the material they are studying. This self-paced module consists of annotated websites which include definitions, active learning strategies for use in the college classroom, and practical suggestions and examples of active learning activities." Diane Starke, El Paso Community College.

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Last Updated October 02, 2014
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