Learn a simple method for clear, empathic communication, consisting of four steps:  observations, feelings, needs, requests.
It is no secret that the last 2 years of budget cuts and booming enrollment have created a challenging environment for higher education institutions nationally. Higher education professionals are finding it difficult to remain motivated and provide a quality learning environment as they search for solutions to dwindling resources and increased workloads. This entertaining workshop will explore new and innovative ways to boost employee morale in these difficult times, maintain productivity and at the same time increase levels of customer service at your campus. Free webinar from Innovative Educators.
Students develop their speaking, pronunciation and listening skills by sharing their voices in Voxopop, a free online discussion site. Join a leading ESL instructor, author and communications expert, as she demonstrates teaching and learning oral skills in a global online community.
This session will explore how you can use social media tools (i.e., Twitter, Linked-In, FaceBook, Skype, podcast, wikis and blogs) to share what you are doing in your classroom and learn from fellow educators.
Last Updated October 02, 2014
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