American Disabilities Act: ADA

Training video shows effective accommodations for disabilities that include learning disabilities, attention deficits, autism spectrum disorders, and others that are not readily apparent.
Training video for online faculty.
"Self-paced tutorial is to provide educators with introductory knowledge about learning disabilities and to offer practical, high-quality information and resources  to enhance professional development in this area that will facilitate improved student achievement. The tutorial is offered in an accessible, online format and includes audio, transcript and self-check components that can be personalized for a wide variety of professional development activities and settings."
This presentation shares current efforts across the state of Iowa to prepare professionals to meet the needs of students with significant disabilities in the areas of literacy, language and communication.
For faculty and staff wishing to acquire or improve teaching skills, methodologies, and pedagogy in Assistive Computer Technology, Alternate Media and Web Accessibility.
Last Updated October 02, 2014
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