Foothill College Curriculum Committee


The College Curriculum Committee is a sub-committee of the Academic Senate and has been tasked with the responsibility to establish and approve campus-wide curriculum policies. This body approves new degrees and certificates; oversees general education requirements; establishes processes for implementations of State mandates and provides conflict resolution regarding curriculum issues.

Curriculum Deadlines:
  • 12/1/14Deadline to submit courses to CSU for CSU GE approval and to UC/CSU got IGETC approval.
  • 12/6/14 Deadline for new courses & course updates for the 2014-15 Catalog.
  • 3/3/15 Curriculum Sheet updates for 2015-16 Catalog.
  • 6/1/15 Deadline to submit new/revised courses to UCOP for UC transferability.

Curriculum Contacts:
  • Kimberlee Messina Vice President of Instruction & Institutional Research - (650) 949-7209
  • Andrew LaManque Associate Vice President of Instruction & Research, Curriculum Administrator Co-Chairperson - (650) 949-7179
  • Isaac Escoto Counselor & Curriculum Faculty Co-Chairperson - (650) 949-7350
  • Bernie Day Articulation Officer - (650) 949-7225
  • Cori Nuñez Curriculum Coordinator - (650) 949-7439

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