Foothill College Academic Senate Minutes
November 17, 2003; 2:30 – 4:30 pm, Room 6712

The meeting was called to order at 2:35
Rosemary Arca was unable to attend, and gave proxy vote to Priscilla Butler
Bill Tinsley was unable to attend due to illness.
Paul Starer asked Maureen Mac Dougall to purchase and send a get-well card to Bill Tinsley. The Senate approved the purchase of the card.
Minutes of the October 27, 2003 meeting were approved unanimously (11 Aye).

The consent calendar was unanimously approved (13 Aye) with the following additions:
Bob Cormia wll take on the role of Secretary Treasurer for the Winter 2004 quarter.
Dolores Davison-Peterson to serve on Penny Patz’s Administrative Review
Verley O’Neal to serve on William Patterson’s Administrative Review

Information Items:

Bernie Day was appointed to the State Chancellors Advisory Committee on Transfer and Work Preparedness. The Senate congratulates Bernie for this honor.

The District Board Room has been reserved for Wednesday, November 19th from 12 to 1 PM, to discuss FSA information with all interested faculty. The Senators will remind their divisions.

Bon Cormia encouraged all Senators to submit documents to him for posting on the website. Discussion ensued regarding the format and confidentiality of documents. Bob will draft a resolution for the next meeting for discussion on e-documents for the Senate website.

The new theater on the Foothill campus will be named in honor of Betty Lohman. Betty Lohman lived in the Lohman house, and originally owned the property on which the campus is built. Betty has made many significant donations to the college, and the theater naming is in honor of a $1 million donation. The final name of the theater has yet to be decided.

State Academic Meeting: Paul Starer and Verley O’Neal reported on the three-day meeting. Days 1 and 2 consisted of panel discussions of issues concerning senate life on all campuses. Day 3 consisted of a debate of resolutions. There is one delegate per college, and that delegate gets one vote, and several resolutions were voted on. Resolutions were also drafted and submitted for research, and will be voted on next year. The organization of the State Senate was also discussed, as well as the reliance on the Senate by the Board of Governors. Future issues include the unequal distribution of WSCH funding among Community colleges and appeals to reduce dues to more accurately reflect FTE’s. Paul mentioned that many colleges are in their second year of RIF. Roxanne Mendrinos discussed drafting a document that would ask the administration to propose administrative cost saving ideas, in addition to the list of faculty and classified financial saving ideas.

Election and Balloting: Members were signed up for time slots to man the voting booth in the Admin building on Nov. 18th and 19th. Patrick Morriss and Shirley Barker will count the votes on Thursday, 7:30 am, and Maureen Mac Dougall will oversee the ballot counting. The results will be distributed as soon as the results are known.

Class Lists and Rosters: Andy Fraknoi and Shirley Barker discussed the difficulty of managing a large class where adds and drops are allowed until very late in the quarter. Not only does this become difficult to manage attendance and grades, but it prevents students on the waiting list to enter the class early enough to have a chance at succeeding. The attached draft addresses these issues directly. Once the Senate approves the draft, it will be distributed to the faculty to get input. It will then be taken to the administration to see if the items can be resolved or modified.

Foundation Report: Cheryl Hylton presented information to the Senate regarding fundraising, and how the Foundation operates. There are 395 accounts, and two budgeters per account with a total investment of $17.3 million. It is a charitable organization, which is run largely by volunteers. The Foundation accepts cash as well as equipment donations, and hosts a fundraiser in July. As of July, 2004, the Chancellor will no longer financially support the Foundation, therefore between 1% and 5% will be taken from all accounts in order to sustain the Foundation. Cheryl anticipates that this fee will be offset by dividends gained from the $17 million in investments. Cheryl will also give fundraising seminars and will get schedule information out to the faulty through Paul and the Senate. Cheryl is encouraging all divisions to become more active in their own fundraising to offset budget cuts.

The next meeting will be Monday, November 24, 2003 in room 6712. Martha Kanter will be one of the guests at this meeting.

Committee members needed:
 At-large needed for Julio Rivera
 IPC faculty needed
 LOAN faculty needed
 Faculty needed for the following administrative reviews:
  George Beers
  Sue Gatlin
  Mary Ann Pavic

The meeting was adjourned at 4:26

Respectfully submitted:
Maureen Mac Dougall