Foothill College Academic Senate Minutes
October 13, 2003; 2:30 – 4:30 pm, Room 6712

For a listing of the Officers and Senators, refer to the Agenda.

The meeting was called to order at 2:35

Minutes of the September 29, 2003 meeting were approved with minor revisions.

The consent calendar was unanimously approved with the following changes:
 Patrick Morriss will not be able to attend to first meeting of theTrans. Adv. Cmte.
  A replacement needs to be appointed.
 Irv Ploke – Daphne Small TRC
 Jaime Doll –  ETAC

Action Items:

Proposal One—Submitted by Paul Starer October 13, 2003
Approval of this proposal will reduce, for a period of one year, the quarterly stipend for each senator from $300.00 to $1.00
Ayes: 14
Nays: 0
Abstain:   0
Proposal Two—Submitted by Paul Starer October 13, 2003
Approval of this proposal will remove the Constitutional requirement that the Foothill Academic Senate include a member of the at-large faculty and a member of the improvement of instruction/staff development committee in order to be fully constituted. This is a one-year waiver of this requirement while the Senate reviews its Constitution during the 2003/2004 academic year.
Ayes: 13
Nays: 0
Abstain:   1

Senate Subcommittee on Constitutional Reform
This subcommittee will meet during the Fall and Winter quarters of 2003/2004 to review and discuss changes to the Foothill Academic Senate Constitituion. The committee will present its recommendations to the Academic Senate by the 5th week of Winter quarter 2004 in time for the Academic Senate to place the proposed changes before the entire faculty for a vote in the Spring quarter 2004.
Paul Starer  -  Senate President
1)  Dolores Davison-Peterson
2)  Priscilla Butler
3)  Davida Lee

Senate Nominations Committee
From the Constituion of the Foothill Academic Senate:
“A Nominating Committee will be appointed at the second meeting of the fall quarter consisting of a faculty chairperson and at least two other faculty from different divisions. The current officers of the Senate Executive Committee will not serve as members of the Nominating Committee.”
1)  Patrick Morriss
2)  Roxanne Mendrinos
3)  Robert Cormia

Information Items

Senate dues were discussed and a draft of a letter intended for faculty was discussed and edited.  This letter (see attached) offers faculty three proposals for dues payment.  Senators are to get input from their divisions and report back by November 11, 2003.  Any dues changes will not take effect until 2004-2005.  

The Senate has a Bank of the West Account where faculty dues are deposited.  A fund 15 account within Foothill College was discussed, but turned down since these funds could be confiscated by the district in an emergency.  Inquiries will be made regarding the need for two signatures for each check, as well as Academic Senate practices at DeAnza College.  

Committee Reports:

The Faculty Handbook Committee (Butler and Davison-Peterson) presented proposed changes to the Faculty Handbook.  The focus was to address the most contested areas and provide recommendations.  Currently, chapters 4, 5, and 6 are the most contentious.  The committees goals is to get a copy of the revised handbook to each division by 10/22 for faculty to review and give input to the committee.  The revised handbook will also undergo administrative review.  A disclaimer is being proposed for the entire handbook in that it is to be used for guidance only, and only the Agreement is to be used for contractual issues.  The edits to chapter 4 and the disclaimer are attached.

Committee members needed:
Sherry Manis TRC

The meeting was adjourned at 4:25

Respectfully submitted:
Maureen Mac Dougall