Full time faculty who are not listed did not report having served on any committees during 13-14.

Faculty Members & Committees
Committees List, 2013–14
Agyare, Micaela CCC
Equity Task Force
Armstrong, Kathy CCC
Chair Mary Holland TRC
Chem Faculty Hiring Committee
Batham, Steve Academic Integrity
Academic Senate
Cascarano, Frank Sarah Parikh TRC
Cashmore, Bea BEST (behavior…)
Jess Miller TRC
Cembellin, Zach Transfer Workgroup
Cormia, Robert Academic Senate (Secretary/Treasurer)
Equity Task Force, Work Force Tri-Chair
Sustainability Committee
Exec Dir Facilities Hiring Committee
Daley, Richard Chemistry Faculty Hiring Committee
Rosa Nguyen TRC
Davison, Dolores Academic and Professional Matters
New Faculty  Orientation (Co-Chair) 
AVPI Hiring Committee, 
Geography Hiring Committee 
PaRC Tri Chair
Accreditation Faculty Chair 
Campus Abroad Committee
Academic Senate President
Eric Reed TRC (At Large)
Celinda Miranda (At Large)
OEI Executive Director Hiring Committee, 
Delgado, Leticia Counseling Leeann Emmanuel TRC
Denver, Cathy Geography Hiring Committee
Testing Supervisor Hiring
Duncan, Kathleen Bio Hiring Committee 
Professional Development Committee
Emmanuel, LeeAnn FEI Assistant Director Hiring Committee
Jess Miller TRC
Erickson, Karen Chair of a Bio Hiring Committee. On PDL
Escoto, Isaac Academic and Professional Matters
VP Academic Senate
Co-Chair of College Curriculum Committee
AVPI Hiring Committee
Feig, Konnilyn CCC
District Budget Committee
Fong, Valerie Chair Hilda Fernandez TRC
English Hire Committee
Professional Development Committee
Fox, John Academic Integrity
Psychology Hiring Committee
Francisco, Marnie CCC
Gibbs, Patricia Chair Fox TRC
Kerbey TRC
Gomes, Hilary CCC  
OEI Hiring Committee
Professional Development Committee
Gong, Bubba Facilities Coordinator Hiring Committee
Ha, Katie Basic Skills Workgroup
Haight, Elaine CS Fulltime Faculty Hiring Committee
Hartwell, Robert CCC
Chair Milissa Carey TRC
Huerta, Susie TRC
Holcroft, Carolyn Student Equity Committee, 
Academic Senate 
Vet Tech Program Director Hiring Committee
Professional Development Committee
Academic Integrity Committee
Due Process Committee
Jordahl, Kate Academic Senate
COOL Chair 
DEAC Co-Chair
Equity Task Force
Kitajima, Naomi Faculty Rep Campus Center Board
Knobel, Marc CCC, Teresa Zwack TRC
Lankford, Scott  Academic Senate
Honors advisory committee
Gay/straight alliance faculty advisor
Native American heritage month planning committee
Sustainable learning community
LGBT heritage month planning committee
API planning committee
College equity committee
Black heritage month 
Lee, Debbie Academic Senate
Equity Task Force
Sandhya Rao TRC
Jess Miller TRC
Chair Eric Reed TRC
Final Exam Scheduling
Lee, Keith Work Force
Lew, Debra  APAN
Assessment Specialist
Counselor Specialist
Transfer Workgroup
Lewis, Brian Sam White TRC
Supplemental Instruction Hiring Committee
Lin, Eta Academic Integrity 
Academic Senate
Two Psych Hiring Committees
TRC - Lin
Loceff, Michael COOL
CS Faculty Hiring Committee
Mac Neil, Don Academic Senate
Kirby TRC
Men’s Basketball Hiring Committee
FEI Hiring Committee 
Senate Election Committee
Work Force
Marasco, David PSME Interim Dean Hiring Committee
Scholarship Committee 
Senate Election Committee
Steven Batham TRC
Herman TRC
Martinez, Rick Chair Zach Cembellin TRC
Interim PSME Dean Hiring Committee
Math Instructor Hiring Committee
Maurer, Kathryn  COOL
Mc Leod, Bruce IP&B Summer 2013
Marketing Director Hiring Committee
Richard Mills TRC
Meezan, Allison CCC
Geography/Gist Hiring Committee
 Jeff Anderson TRC
Menendez, Natalia Sam White TRC
Miller, Jess Basic Skills
Miyasaki, Cara IP&B, Program Review Committee
Morasci, Richard Academic Senate
Commencement Committee
David McCormick TRC
Director of TLC Hiring Committee
Academic Senate
Morris, Patrick Academic Integrity Chair
Chair Jeff Anderson TRC
Professional Development Committee
Academic Senate
Munoz, Sarah Basic Skills
Park Lee, Young Hee Academic Integrity
Patyk, Jay Sam White TRC
Piparo, Elaine Transfer Workgroup
Chair for Jess Miller TRC
Pratt, Keith ESLL Hiring Committee
Rosa Nguyen TRC
Ripp, Katy Women’s Basketball Coach Hiring Committee
Men’s Basketball Coach Hiring Committee
Facility/Equipment Hiring Committee
Sauter, David Chair David Huseman TRC
Hiring - Rad Tech
RT Program Accreditation Report Committee
Sinclair, Jennifer Emergency Math Hiring Committee
Stanley, Brian TRC
Stefonik, Ben Professional Development Committee Chair
Psych Hiring Committee
Su, Angela DRC Counselor Hiring Committee
Svetich, Kella CCC 
Tam, Victor Chair TRC
Hiring Committee
Chair Sarah Pariks TRC
Micaela Agyare TRC
Thomas, Jeanne Nicole Kerbey TRC, Work Force
Thomas, Mary Academic Integrity 
Academic Senate
Chair Micaela Agyare TRC
Uyeda, Diane ESL Hiring Committee
Sarah Williams TRC
Tenure Review Due Process Committee
Wilkes, Pam Micaela Agyare TRC
Will, Mimi COOL
Wu, Tilly Basic Skills
Yamamoto, Judy Hiring committee for Patti Chan
TRC for Patti Chan
Ziegenhorn, Bill Ben Stefonik TRC
Steve Batham TRC
Equity Task Force
SI Teaching and Learning Center
Zwack, Teresa Basic Skills


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