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These courses are designed for students whose native or first language is not English. Students who have never studied English or who do not already speak English with basic conversational ability should enroll in English as a Second Language (ESLL) courses offered by the adult education departments of local high school districts. If you plan to enroll for the first time in an ESLL course, you are required to take an ESLL placement test unless you enroll in the lowest course. Refer to the front of the schedule for testing information or call (650) 949-7230. For information about ESLL courses, call (650) 949-7250.

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Development of critical reading skills using selected readings which present a range of cultural experiences and perspectives. Practice in writing expository essays based on personal experience, observations, and class readings with a review of acceptable English sentence structure. Does not fulfill the composition requirements for the Associate degree.
Prerequisites: Appropriate placement test score or a grade of "C" or better in ESLL 236 and 237; intended for students whose native language is not English.
Advisory: Concurrent enrollment in ESLL 249; if not taken concurrently, ESLL 249 should be taken prior to ESLL 25. Completion of or concurrent enrollment in ESLL 235 strongly recommended. Not open to students with credit in ESL 25 or 257.
Repeatability: Not Repeatable.
5 hours lecture. (60 hours total per quarter.)
GE Area: Non-GE Applicable
Transferability: CSU and UC
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