John Schaffert, M.S.
Chemistry Instructor

Physical Sciences, Mathematics & Engineering Division
     (650) 239-3626

Foothill campus
Office Hours:
11am - 11:55am Tuesdays, Thursdays rm 4125

** CHEM 30B-01 CRN: 20075 FALL 2016; Tue & Thur **
Lecture rm 4302; Lab room 4719 (labs on Tuesdays)

Tuesday 12/13/16
**FINAL EXAM: All Chapters (see Study Guide 'Final' below)
1:00 - 3:00 pm. (rm 4302)
(don't be late; we start right at 1:00 pm - and no extra time after 3:00 pm) **

Recommended Homework from text:
HW24 #12,17,21,25,26,29,35,37,40,41,55,62,73,76,77,80.
HW27 #16,19,29,32,42,54.

1.Your 12/8 point totals are on pg 60 of your Exp 7 Report. This is with drop low Quiz and lab. (your low midterm will be replaced with your % on the Final if that is higher).
-Your Point Totals have everything except the Final Exam (250) and the last 2 on-line HW chapters (24 & 27).
-You may want to check your totals to catch any errors before grades are assigned.
2. Don't forget to complete the on-line HW (Ch 27 not accepted after 12/12 midnight).
3. As the last Study Guide says, on the Final you ARE also responsible for the EXTRA CREDIT questions on the tests we've had. Here are the exceptions:
- MT 1 #17 Fischer Projections not required
- Quiz 3 #15 - don't need to add up couple reactions - but you do need to know why the body uses coupled reactions
- MT 3 #23 - don't need to draw Gibbs Energy Diagram (but do need to know about meaning of delta G and Activation Energy)
4. You cannot pass chem 30B if you get less than 60% (150 pts) on the Final Exam. (it's in the syllabus and on Quiz 1).


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