John Schaffert, M.S.
Chemistry Instructor

Physical Sciences, Mathematics & Engineering Division
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Foothill campus
Office Hours:
Mondays & Wednesdays 4:30-5:30 pm (rm 4431)

** CHEM 30B-03 CRN 30407 WINTER 2016 **
Lecture: Mon. & Wed. 5:30-7:20pm rm 4813
Lab: Wed. 7:30-10:20pm rm 4719

Wednesday 2/10/16
-turn in Exp 3 Report (do Post-lab on-line <5pm)
*Don't forget to write the mass of the filter paper and the Theoretical Yield from Exp 3 into Exp 4 Data (page 35). *
-Ch 18 - proteins

(do PreLab4 < 5pm)
-Exp 4 Analysis of Aspirin

Recommended Homework from text:
HW16 #31,32,39.
HW21B #26,34,37,53,54,64,69,87,99.
HW15 #29,32,35,41,45,46,57,60.
HW17 #45,46,49,51,61,64,69,80.
HW18B #39,54,55,58,59,60,65,79,94.

1. I believe there is a mistake in the drawing for MC Question 17 #54. The 6 member ring on the left should have alternating double bonds.
2. My simplified rules for categorizing amino acid SIDE CHAINS:
A. Has Oxygen
- a.1 if carboxylic acid group => ACIDIC
- a.2 else => POLAR NEUTRAL (amide and alcohol groups)
B. No Oxygen but has Nitrogen => BASIC
C. Has only Carbon and Hydrogen (or just H) => NONPOLAR NEUTRAL
(Don't worry about exception Tryptophan and the two Sulfur containing amino acids. For Mastering Chemistry, just open the Hints or look them up in Table 18.3)
3. Midterm 2 is Wednesday 2/17. Study Guide posted below.


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