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What is the STEM Center?

The STEM Center is an inviting and comfortable place for students to learn mathematics, physics and chemistry. Center staff provide a nurturing environment designed to help students who are either working on assigned homework or asking questions about unfamiliar concepts.

Our purpose is to help students develop a better understanding of concepts through one-on-one tutoring with instructional associates and faculty. We encourage students to be independent and work on their assignments as much as possible by themselves or with other students before requesting staff assistance. This enables students to have a better idea of exactly which elements of an assignment are the most confusing.

What Does the STEM Center Offer?

Students can use the center's computers to solve homework assignments that use Excel, Minitab, Word, Mathematica, Graphical Analysis, Self-Paced Math Tutorial, and Geometer's Sketchpad software applications and various other software.

STEM Center tutorial services are provided by Foothill College faculty and supplemental instructors. Many supplemental instructors hold PhDs in their areas of expertise which includes: mathematics, biology, statistics, physics, engineering, chemistry and computer science. You can also ask academic or general questions via email at

How Do I Use the STEM Center?

Each time you come to the center for assistance, simply complete the following steps to receive tutoring services:
  • Step One:  Log in your name, student identification number and course name on the computer next to the main entrance.
  • Step Two:  If you need help, sign in on the clipboard on the main desk. The next available staff member will call your name and assist you.
  • Step Three: Be certain to log out on the center computer before you leave.
Important Reminders
  • Foothill students receive priority over students from other schools.
  • Beverages and snacks are available for purchase in the center. You are responsible for cleaning up your area before you leave the center.
  • Save all your computer work to a disk that you provide.
  • Recycle all scratch paper in the boxes by the front door.
  • A faculty member may choose to help students enrolled in his/her courses before helping students listed on the sign-up sheet.

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