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Non-Credit Division (650) 949-6950
Non-Credit: Mathematical Foundations (2013-2014)
This certificate prepares students for their future success towards completion of their math requirements for an associate degree. Students will be exposed to basic skills in quantitative thinking.
Program Learning Outcomes
Students will demonstrate numerical literacy and quantitative reasoning skills at an appropriate level for future progression in basic skills credit math courses.
Units required for Certificate: 60 Hours
Program Type(s):
CC = Certificate of Completion.
Mathematical Foundations Certificate of Completion (60 hours) -
NCBS 401A Mathematical Foundations for College Part I (20 hours)
NCBS 401B Mathematical Foundations for College Part II (40 hours)
NCBS 405 Supplemental Instruction (60-360 hours)

Academic Year: 2013-2014

Current status: Approved
Last update: 2013-06-28 15:54:42

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