Safety in the Studio

Material Safety Data Sheets for materials we use in Studio 1801 & 1802 at Foothill College
MSDS sheets

The following manual is produced by Kent Manske at Foothill College. It is a collection of handouts to assist in the safe handling of tools and materials in the Foothill College printmaking studios. The manual serves as a supplement to lectures and demonstrations and is not to be considered definitive or complete by itself. Faculty who use the manual as a teaching tool are ultimately responsible for covering the safe handling of materials with their students.
Print & Book Arts: Safety & Procedure Manual Version 9.26.11

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Safety in the Studio
Safety Notes

Using Solvents
Using Solvents Chart
Removing Ink with Solvents
Hazardous Materials Collection

About Prints
Curating Prints
PreNeo Press: Guide to Prints

Chine Collé
Wheat Paste
Registering paper
Tearing a 22" x 30" sheet

Ink in Studio 1801
Oil Base Ink Modifiers

Relief Printing

Embossing & Collagraphs
Embossing & Collagraphs

Etching & Intaglio
Etching & Intaglio
Using Ferric Chloride as an Etchant
Step by Step Procedures
Airbrush Aquatint
Photo Polymer Gravure

Screen Preparation & Cleaning
Ink & Modifiers
Photographic Emulsion
Exposing a Screen
Screenprinting: Test Answers

Using the Letterpress
Photopolymer Plates

Monoprinting Techniques
Paper & Plexiglas

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