Skills Certificates

Earn "Skills Certificates" after completing a sequence of courses.

Book Arts
Publish and author limited edition and one-of-a-kind books using traditional and digital technologies by completing the 12-unit Book Arts Skills Certificate. This certificate emphasizes the art and craft of making books by hand. You'll explore the book as an art form for communication and personal expression by using both the traditional techniques of letterpress printing and contemporary digital technologies. Coursework draws on the formal, conceptual and technical skills of other arts, including graphic design, photography, illustration and sculpture. You will engage in all phases of books publishing, including conceptual development, design, layout, printing and binding. The skills certificate prepares you to self-publish artists books, work in a print studio, advance your graphic arts skills and expand your professional portfolio.

GID 90: Book Arts 1
GID 91: Book Arts 2
GID 92: Letterpress Printing

Create images and produce printed multiples in a broad range of techniques and media by completing the 12-unit Printmaking Skills Certificate. This certificate emphasizes the art and craft of fine art printmaking for both communication and personal expression. Through hands-on assignments, you'll learn about a variety of print process, including intaglio, relief, screenprinting, monoprinting, paper plate lithography and digital printing. Coursework addresses all aspects of graphic arts production processes from image development to multi-color printing using printing presses. The skills certificate prepares students for developing artistic images, becoming an illustrator, working in a print studio and understanding the mechanics of the printing industry.

GID 38: Printmaking 1
GID 39: Printmaking 2
GID 40: Digital Printmaking

Printmaking Studio
GID 42: Beginning Etching
GID 44: Beginning Relief Printing
GID 46: Beginning Screenprinting
GID 48: Monoprinting

Be a visual storyteller and learn to produce visual narratives for advertising, graphic design, book publishing, animation and gaming by completing the 12-unit Illustration Skills Certificate. This certificate emphasizes the creation of visual images for graphic communication. You'll learn traditional and digital illustration techniques while developing your ability to generate creative ideas that communicate with expression and clarity. The skills certificate will prepare you with the technical skills and conceptual skills to render images for the communications industry, popular culture and the art market.

GID 72: Cartooning
GID 74: Introduction to Digital Art & Graphics
GID 76: Illustration & Digital Imaging


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