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Introduction by Foothill College President
Judy Miner, Ed.D.

It is a privilege to introduce the work of the Foothill Printmakers who are such a talented group of artists. They have presented us time and again with wonderful projects and exhibits, but The Tortilla Curtain Project is one of their finest and most thought provoking. Inspired by T.C. Boyle's novel, The Tortilla Curtain, the Foothill Printmakers invite us to assess our personal beliefs about race and class and how our deeds manifest those beliefs. Such a self-assessment is inevitably uncomfortable not just because our deepest convictions and best intentions always have some room for improvement in their translation into action; the discomfort can stem from deeply embedded biases that lurk below our consciousness because we are insufficiently practiced in constructive dialogue about race and class.

The images created for this exhibition provide an opportunity for us to become more practiced. Dare to examine the feelings that are evoked, consider the universality of human experience, and explore a broad spectrum of interpretations. Foothill College is committed to excellence through inclusion and our artists have contributed to that goal through work that has modeled inclusion in content and process as you will read about in "Behind the Scenes."

I am proud of this ambitious and well-executed undertaking and hope you enjoy The Tortilla Curtain Project as much as I do.

Judy Miner, Ed.D.
President, Foothill College

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