Placement FAQs

Is there a charge for placement testing?

No. There is no charge for placement testing in chemistry, English, English Second Language Learner (ESLL) or mathematics at Foothill College.

There might be a charge to test for placement at another college.

Do I need to make an appointment to take a placement test?

Yes. Placement testing is available by appointment only.

Schedule an Appointment

To reschedule your appointment:

Email: / Phone: 650-949-7743

May I use my transcript from another college instead of attending a placement session?

Yes. Bring an official or unofficial transcript to your Counseling Appointment and complete the Prerequisite Clearance form.

Schedule a counseling appointment online today.

Counseling Phone: 650-949-7423

May I use my test scores from another college?

Yes. Foothill may accept the Accuplacer placement scores from other California Community Colleges. For more information, visit:

What do I need to bring to my placement testing session?

The following is required from each student to verify student identity:

1) Government issued PHOTO ID (such as a driver’s license or passport) -OR- Student ID
2) Foothill College Student ID Number

Students must submit the Foothill College Application for Admission prior to attending a testing session.

Students cannot take a placement test with out a Foothill student ID number.

May I use a dictionary?
Dictionaries are only allowed for certain placement tests.

English Placement Test - No dictionaries allowed

English as a Second Language (ESL) Placement Test - No dictionaries allowed

Chemistry Placement Test - Paper Translation Dictionaries allowed

Math Placement Test - Paper Translation Dictionaries allowed

May I use a calculator during the math assessment session?
No. A calculator will be provided for you by the Accuplacer test, if you are prompted to use one.
May I use a calculator during the Chemistry Placement Test?
Yes. The Testing & Assessment Center will provide a simple calculator for the Chemistry Placement Test.
How do I find my placement results?

Placement results are available through the "MyPortal" registration system at

Follow these steps to get yours:

  1. Log in to MyPortal. You will need your campuswide ID and the password your created.
  2. Select the Registration tab
  3. Find My Records and select "See My Placement Test Results."

If you do not have access to the internet at home, come to the Admissions and Records Office on the main campus in the Student Services Building, Room 8100. For privacy reasons, results may not be given over the phone.

Can I retake a placement test? Yes, but only within these timelines:

After taking a placement test at Foothill College, students may retake the English, ESL, and/or Math placement tests one (1) time at Foothill College within a six (6) month period of the initial date of a placement.

Students can retake the Chemistry Placement Test one (1) year after the date of the first exam.

However, students cannot retest in a subject if they have earned a transcriptable grade (passing, or D, F, W, NP or I) in the subject/course sequence in which they are seeking a new placement.

Before retesting, students are strongly encouraged to prepare and review for the retest. Test preparation and review information can be found at:

Does Foothill offer disability accommodations for placement tests? Placement tests are available in alternate text format including Braille and large print.

To arrange for disability-related accommodation, please schedule an appointment with the Disability Resource Center before you take the test.

Foothill Disability Resource Center (DRC)
Room 5400 / Phone: 650-949-7017

New students should contact the DRC or visit DRC New Student resource page for more information.

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