English and Math Review Sites (Chemistry go directly to Step 2.)

Accuplacer Study Application
Download the Official Accuplacer Study App from the iTunes Store.
Please review using the links below, then schedule an appointment to test.

Note: You may now review using an iphone app available at iTunes.
The Official ACCUPLACER Study App By The College Board
If you do not have an iPhone, you can still use the new technology to prepare for the Accuplacer test for English and Mathematics. Just make an appointment to take the pretest for the new ACCUPLACER//MyFoundationsLab before you take the placement test.

Important Step 1.

Please complete a sample test and submit for scoring or grading. You will see what questions you missed and the topic of the question. Leave this window open. Click on the tab "Foothill College Placement". Go to Step 2.

Step 2.
Use this link to study what you missed on the sample tests. Elementary Algebra is under California Standards Algebra I, California Standards Algebra II is Intermediate Algebra. If you missed more that half of the Elementary Algebra questions, please watch the Prealgebra videos before watching the Algebra videos.

After watching the videos, go back to Step 1 and try the test again.

Step 3
After you completed the Intermediate Algebra and/or PCALC test(s) at the web site listed under Step 1 and video review, complete the Math Analysis for preparation for placement into Math 10 Statistics. For placement into Trigonometry or higher, take the Calculus Readiness on the link below.

Print the results and go to Step 2 to review the topics recommended on the report.

Final Step.

If you only want to test for Math, then you will need to select the activity Math and English. On the next screen, deselect Math and English, and select Math only. In the notes section, please indicate which Math test you want to take: Arithmetic, Elementary Algebra or College Level Math.

Schedule an appointment

Schedule an appointment to take the placement test. We do not have drop in testing available any longer due to a cut in staffing for the Testing Center.

Schedule an Appointment  Test is approximately 1 hour in length.

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