Math Placement

You do NOT need a Math Placement Test if you have:

  • Completed the prerequisite(s) courses at Foothill College within several years OR
  • Completed equivalent prerequisite(s) courses at another COLLEGE or UNIVERSITY within several years OR
  • Taken AP Calculus in High School and have an AP score of 4 or 5 within several years.

If none of the above apply, you must take the appropriate Math Placement Test. Note that:

  • Special arrangements may be made for out-of-area students
  • In general, high school math courses DO NOT meet the prerequisites although AP courses will be considered.
  • For equivalent courses at another college, the student must bring the appropriate documentation and obtain an equivalency form from the counseling office BEFORE registration will be allowed.
  • When prerequisite courses were taken several years ago, it is strongly recommended that the placement test be taken.
  • Any waiver to the above policies should be petitioned through the Physical Science and Mathematics & Engineering Division Office. (650) 949-7259.

Please review math using the "Math Test Sample" link on the left before scheduling an appointment.

Introduction to computerized placement testing for Mathematics.

You must complete and submit the Foothill College Application for Admission prior to attending a testing session.

Schedule an Appointment  Test is approximately 1 hour in length.

Validity Statement - A student's placement is valid for one year and then the placement exam must be taken again.

* NEW Retest Policy - You may take the same Math Placement test a second time after waiting 24 hours but no later than 7 working days after your first attempt. You must enroll in the course printed on your report after the second attempt or after 7 days. Exceptions to this policy by permission of the Dean Physical Sciences, Math & Engineering only.

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