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FHDA District Offices Moving to Temporary Village
Expect More Cars in Foothill's Lot 5
Temporary Village in Lot 5
October 31, 2013 - November 12, 2013
Archive Story

Starting Oct. 31, staff members who normally work out of the District Office Building are moving to the Temporary Village in Lot 5 at Foothill College while the district offices are being renovated. The move will take place in phases, and we expect everything will be up and running in the new location by Nov. 12. Click here to see which departments will be where.

District personnel will be in the Temporary Village for the next year. Phone numbers and email for all personnel/departments will remain the same. During the move, some departments will be short staffed, so we appreciate your patience. If you need additional information, call (650) 949-6100.

Here is a listing of which departments are moving to the Temporary Village and the door numbers for each department: 

  • Chancellor’s Office —Enter through purple door 5950
  • Human Resources/Vice Chancellor & Personnel Services—Enter through blue door 5934 
  • Human Resources/ Benefits & Employment Services—Enter through blue door 5991 
  • Business Services/Accounts Payable (AP) & Payroll—Enter through green door 5921 
  • Business Services/Vice Chancellor & Accounting—Enter through green door 5982
Phone us at: (650) 949-6100
Click here for more information.
Check this link for additional information:$304

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