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Heritage & Health Luncheon
Club Advisors Invited
November 06, 2013
Archive Story

Join the Student Activities Office for an information luncheon. Club advisors earn PGA/PAA by attending a club’s official meetings and events, and overseeing the club's financial account.

Cultural celebrations occur at Foothill from October through June. From academic achievement celebrations, art exhibits, concerts, debates, guest speakers, literature events, luncheons, talent show/open-mics, theater performances and workshops, you'll have fun as you learn about diverse cultures.

October is Health Awareness Month, November is Native American Cultural Celebration, December is Health Awareness Month, January is Jewish Heritage Month, February is Black History Month, March is Women’s History Month, April is Asian Pacific Islander Month, May is Latino Heritage Month and June is LGBT Heritage Month. Each month has a planning committee made up of students, faculty, staff and administrators who organize exciting events for the education, empowerment, enjoyment and entertainment of the campus and community. Planning committees recruit and start meeting in Summer Session and Fall Quarter.

Students who chair planning committee meetings can earn UC-transferable units. Faculty/staff earn PAA/PGA credit. The Student Activities Office assists with the logistics of budgeting, planning, marketing and hosting for each month.

Phone us at: (650) 949-7282
eMail us at:
Special Notice: Sponsored by ASFC, funded by the OwlCard.

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