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ENGL 1A & 1B Guarantee
Helping You Get the Classes You Need to Graduate & Transfer
Registration Ongoing through Sept. 22; California residents pay $31 per unit; fees are due at the time you register.
July 29, 2013 - September 22, 2013
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Take advantage of Foothill's English 1A & 1B Guarantee, a pledge to get you a seat in these popular composition and reading courses this quarter. Here's how it works: The college will monitor sections of these classes closely. As they fill up, the college will open new sections of ENGL 1A and 1B provided that there are no sections of the courses with available seating.

"We understand that you need to complete these courses, especially if you are pursuing the Foothill associate degree, and if you intend to transfer to a four-year university," says Foothill College Language Arts Division Dean Paul Starer, M.A. "Foothill College is committed to student success—and access."

Some restrictions apply. The college can't guarantee a space in a class at the "perfect" time. You'll need to be flexible. Consider taking ENGL 1A or 1B in the afternoon, evening or online. Also, if you must complete a placement test, schedule it online now. There are no fees for these tests. The five-unit ENGL 1A and 1B courses transfer to the UC and CSU systems. For registration instructions, access or your account.

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Special Notice: Fall Registration Is Ongoing through Sept. 22

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