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Parking Information for First Week of Classes
Slow Down, Watch for Pedestrians, Expect Delays & Arrive Early
All Campus Parking Lots & Loop Road
September 23, 2013 - September 27, 2013
Archive Story
road sign indicating 5 mph speed limit

To ease on-campus parking congestion during the first week of the quarter, arrive early for your classes and give yourself plenty of time to locate parking. Review the campus map and follow these tips to locate a parking space:

  • DO go to Lot 1H if you arrive after 9:30 a.m. The Lot 1H entrance is clearly marked and is on the right, just past the entrance to Lot 1;

  • DON'T circle the campus road in search of parking during peak times. By 9:30 a.m., the best option is to park in Lot 1H. All other lots will be filled;

  • DO be aware that a parking permit is not required at the Foothill College Middlefield Campus only;

  • DO slow down. The speed limit in all campus parking lots is 5 miles per hour. The speed limit is 20 miles per hour on the campus loop road. Speed limits are strictly enforced and citations are issued by the Foothill-De Anza Police Department;

  • DO comply with all warning signs and do not enter construction areas.

  • DO remember that all parking regulations are enforced at all times. It is your responsibility to be aware of on-campus parking and driving regulations. A valid parking permit—either a day-use permit purchased at dispensers in parking lots or quarterly/annual permit purchased at the Admissions Office or online via your account—is required at all times after the first week of the quarter. Failure to properly display a valid parking permit will result in a citation. Parking tickets and traffic violations issued at Foothill College or De Anza College by Foothill-De Anza Police are legal citations that cannot be canceled by the college administration; and

  • Learn more about Foothill's parking regulations and enforcement.

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Check this link for additional information:

Special Notice: Speed limit is 5 mph in all parking lots, 20 mph on the campus roadway. Speed limits are strictly enforced and citations are issued.

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