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Faculty-Staff Member P/F TitlePhoneeMail
Mark AndersonF Music Instructor (650) 949-7555eMail
Elizabeth BarkleyF Professor of Music History (650) 949-7267eMail
Noel BenkmanP Music Instructor (925) 639-2954eMail
Jim BrunoP Music Instructor www.SongClasses.comeMail
Milissa CareyF Music & Theatre Arts Instructor (650) 949-7582eMail
William CrattyP Music Instructor eMail
Paul DaviesF Music Instructor (650) 949-7141eMail
Matt DonnerP Music Technology Instructor (415) 896-9800 x207eMail
Ed GoldfarbP Music Technology Instructor (415) 377-5831eMail
Robert HartwellF Music Instructor, Honors Instructor (650) 949-7016eMail
Eric KuehnlF Music Technology Instructor (510) 499-4082eMail
Chia-Yin LinP Music Instructor eMail
Scott PrimeauP Music Instructor eMail
Karl SchmidtP Music Instructor (650) 961-3673eMail
Janis StevensonP Music Instructor (650) 949-7411eMail
Michael SultP Music Instructor (650) 949-7403eMail
Bruce TamblingF Co-Director, Music Technology Program (650) 949-7333eMail
RJ WardP Music Technology/Video Arts Instructor eMail
Suzanne WellerP Music Technology Instructor (831) 457-2303eMail
Benett ZussmanP Music Technology Instructor eMail
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