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Faculty-Staff Member P/F TitlePhoneeMail
Rita O'LoughlinF APE & CB Instructor (650) 949-7321eMail
Shirley TreanorF Director of Health Science (650) 949-7619eMail
Diane HayesF Emergency Response Instructor (EMT) (650) 949-7249
Denise SwettF Vice President, Student Services (650) 949-7524eMail
Dawn GiradelliF Dean (650) 949-6952eMail
Julio Rivera-MontanezF Spanish Instructor (650) 949-7541eMail
Alfred GuzmanF Middlefield Campus Student Services Coordinator (650) 949-6958eMail
Charlie McKellarF Program Coordinator Emergency Medical (EMT) and Paramedic and Pharmacy (650) 949-6955eMail
Jeanne ThomasF Child Development Instructor, Department Chair (650) 949-6951eMail
David HusemanF Director, EMT and Paramedic programs use emaileMail
Donald MacNeilF Instructor (650) 949-6967eMail
Angela SuF Director, Pharmacy Tech (650) 949-6970eMail
Nicole KerbeyF Child Development Instructor (650) 949-6971eMail
Kristina ChangF Campus Supervisor (650) 949-6953eMail
Peter BaumP
Donna FrankelP Dance Instructor (408) 257-3455eMail
Steve StroutP Instructor (650) 949-6950eMail
Sheila SmithP Child Development Instructor n/aeMail
Lorraine RockP Community-Based Instructor eMail
Malkiat SandhuP Economics Instructor n/aeMail
Bharti DavéP Child Development Instructor n/aeMail
Amy SarverP NCEL Instructor eMail
Shigeko GotohP Japanese Instructor (Use Email)eMail
Jeff HillP English Instructor 650 949-7999 x4477eMail
Keiko SatoP Japanese Instructor (650) 949-7999 x 4206eMail
Elias ChamorroP Spanish instructor eMail
Angie MartinezP Instructor - EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) 650-949-6972eMail
Liz RobertsP Sociology Instructor n/aeMail
Michael SultP Music Instructor (650) 949-7403eMail
Terry Alana HunterP Instructor, Physical Education (650) 949-6950eMail
Michelle BigleyP English Instructor (650) 949-7999 x 4274eMail
Thomas McCarthyP Physical Education Instructor (650) 388-8898eMail
Christine CarducciP Child Development Instructor (650) 949-7999 x 4316eMail
Claire KoukoutsakisP Child Development Instructor (650) 967-2672eMail
Vilmar (Vava) MarquesP Soccer Instructor eMail
James McDonaldP English Instructor Use emaileMail
Brandy VanderheidenP Yoga Instructor
Sandy SimonP Pharmacy Technology Instructor (650) 949-6970eMail
Thomas LassP Paramedic Instructor (925) 408-8596eMail
Nancy AlvarezP Pharmacy Technology Instructor (650) 949-6974eMail
Carolyn StewartP Yoga & Pilates Instructor (650) 949-7357eMail
David MoglenP Economics Instructor n/aeMail
Joshua KatzP ESLL instructor eMail
SNEHAL MOHILEP Adjunct faculty 650-949-6940
Leesa MandelP ESLL Instructor eMail
Jim WyattP Instructor - EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) 650-949-6955
Gayle MayekawaP Child Development Instructor n/aeMail
David MayfieldP instructor 650-949-6988
Jarod MiddletonP Paramedic Instructor (650) 949-6972
Brent PrimroseP Paramedic Instructor (650) 949-6972eMail
John BeckP Astronomy Instructor eMail
Bradley FahsP
Matthew MendizabalP Accounting Instructor n/aeMail
Setsuko ChibaP PE Instructor eMail
Jennifer Perez-HernandezP Child Development Instructor n/aeMail
Denise GiottaP Child Development Instructor n/aeMail
Michelle JulianP Child Development Instructor n/aeMail
Ruth WachobP Child Development Instructor n/aeMail
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