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Faculty-Staff Member P/F TitlePhoneeMail
Maureen McCarthyF Division Administrative Assistant 650-949-7250eMail
Paul StarerF Division Dean (650) 949-7227eMail
Teresa McKimmeyP English eMail
Sam FleischerP English Adjunct Faculty eMail
Lesley DauerF English and Creative Writing Instructor (650) 949-7507eMail
Audra SormanP English Instructor eMail
Hilda FernandezF English Instructor 650-949-7542eMail
Eric TreanorP English Instructor eMail
Dedrick GriffinP English instructor eMail
Amy ReillyP English Instructor eMail
Joanna BanachP English Instructor (650) 949-7999 x 4218eMail
Sherri HarveyP English Instructor (650) 269-1288eMail
Jeff HillP English Instructor 650 949-7999 x4477eMail
Ann OgleP English Instructor (Use Email)eMail
Joshua PelletierP English Instructor eMail
Richard MillsF English Instructor (650) 949-7543eMail
Benjamin SpanbockP English Instructor eMail
Stephanie ChanP English instructor eMail
Brian LewisF English Instructor (650) 949-7129eMail
Natalia A MenendezF English Instructor (650) 949-7438eMail
Allison HermanF English Instructor 650-949-7460eMail
Jessica GatewoodP English Instructor eMail
Sarah PerkinsP English Instructor
Stephanie TranP English instructor eMail
Brian WeydemullerP English Instructor eMail
Kim WolterbeekF English Instructor (650) 949-7316eMail
Tess HansenF English Instructor (650) 949-7433eMail
Will DevaultP English instructor eMail
Michelle BigleyP English Instructor (650) 949-7999 x 4274eMail
Isabel SperryP English Instructor 650 949-7999 x4471eMail
Julie KlineP English Instructor eMail
Scott GoldstoneP English Instructor (650) 949-7777eMail
Linda JanakosP English Instructor Use emaileMail
James McDonaldP English Instructor Use emaileMail
Samuel WhiteF English Instructor eMail
Valerie FongF English Instructor (650) 949-7135eMail
Erica OnughaF English Instructor 650-949-7436eMail
Karen GregurasP English Instructor (Use Email)eMail
Alison DaileyP English instructor eMail
Jordan HayesP English instructor eMail
Dianna DoreenP English instructor eMail
Ari FeldP English instructor eMail
Naomi GoldnerP English instructor eMail
Mako MatsudaP English instructor eMail
Brittany FarmerP English instructor eMail
Dianthe HarrisP English Instructor eMail
Alexandria WhiteP English Instructor eMail
Kevin JonkerP English Instructor eMail
Rosemary ArcaP English Instructor eMail
Erik BachmanP English Instructor eMail
Scott WarfeP English Instructor eMail
Liam GibsonP English Instructor eMail
Evan SchnairP English Instructor eMail
Alena HairstonP English Instructor eMail
Jeanette LehnP English Instructor eMail
Kacy TakamotoP English Instructor eMail
Jordana FinneganF English Instructor, Honors Instructor (650) 949-7646eMail
Kella SvetichF English Instructor, Honors Instructor (650) 949-7924eMail
Linda LaneF English Instructor- Emeritus eMail
Susana (Susie) HuertaF English Instructor/Puente Program Co-coordinator (650) 949-7437eMail
Doren RobbinsF English/Creative Writing and Honors Instructor (650) 949-7678eMail
Kurt GravenhorstP English/Humanities Instructor eMail
Diane UyedaF ESLL Composition Instructor & Honors Linguistics Instructor (650) 949-7640eMail
David McCormickF ESLL Instructor (650) 949-7556eMail
Diane AndrewsP ESLL Instructor (650) 949-7999 x 4170eMail
Barrie CoppP ESLL Instructor (650) 949-7999 x 4176eMail
Alice DraganP ESLL Instructor (650) 949-7999 x 4475eMail
Deborah FassP ESLL Instructor eMail
Vera HenzlP ESLL Instructor (650) 949-7999 x 4191eMail
Lisa CollatoP ESLL Instructor (650) 949-7999 x4205eMail
John WileyP ESLL Instructor (650) 949-7999 x 4219eMail
Najwa JardaliF ESLL Instructor (650) 949-7530eMail
Richard MorasciF ESLL Instructor (650) 949-7458eMail
Rita WongP ESLL Instructor eMail
Caroline OuyangP ESLL Instructor eMail
Joshua KatzP ESLL instructor eMail
Leesa MandelP ESLL Instructor eMail
Lucinda CabralP ESLL Instructor eMail
Ebru Goksel-DemirP ESLL Instructor eMail
Melissa JaquishP ESLL Instuctor eMail
Keith PrattF ESLL/English Instructor (650) 949-7535eMail
Shigeko GotohP Japanese Instructor (Use Email)eMail
Keiko SatoP Japanese Instructor (650) 949-7999 x 4206eMail
Kazuko YasutakeP Japanese Instructor eMail
Kazuko IidaP Japanese instructor eMail
Fujiko WortzP Japanese Instructor
Ikuko Tomita RakowF Japanese Program Chair (650) 949-7670 or 7043eMail
Amy SarverP NCEL Instructor eMail
Angelica Q. Sapodillo ValentinezP NCEL Instructor eMail
Helen ChoyP NCEL Instructor eMail
Scott LankfordF Professor of English; Foothill Center for a Sustainable Future (650) 949-7540 voicemaileMail
Elias ChamorroP Spanish instructor eMail
Elvira CoffinF Spanish Instructor (650) 949-7131eMail
Patricia Crespo-MartinF Spanish Instructor (650) 949-7523eMail
Julio Rivera-MontanezF Spanish Instructor (650) 949-7541eMail
Tomas BlandinoP Spanish Instructor (Use Email)eMail
Katie HaF Supplemental Instruction 650-949-7447eMail
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