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Faculty-Staff Member P/F TitlePhoneeMail
Diane AndrewsP ESLL Instructor (650) 949-7999 x 4170eMail
Rosemary ArcaP English Instructor eMail
Erik BachmanP English Instructor eMail
Joanna BanachP English Instructor (650) 949-7999 x 4218eMail
Michelle BigleyP English Instructor (650) 949-7999 x 4274eMail
Tomas BlandinoP Spanish Instructor (Use Email)eMail
Lucinda CabralP ESLL Instructor eMail
Falk CamminF ESLL and Humanities Instructor, Honors Instructor (650) 949-7442eMail
Elias ChamorroP Spanish instructor eMail
Stephanie ChanP English instructor eMail
Helen ChoyP NCEL Instructor eMail
Elvira CoffinF Spanish Instructor (650) 949-7131eMail
Lisa CollatoP ESLL Instructor (650) 949-7999 x4205eMail
Barrie CoppP ESLL Instructor (650) 949-7999 x 4176eMail
Patricia Crespo-MartinF Spanish Instructor (650) 949-7523eMail
Alison DaileyP English instructor eMail
Lesley DauerF English and Creative Writing Instructor (650) 949-7507eMail
Will DevaultP English instructor eMail
Dianna DoreenP English instructor eMail
Alice DraganP ESLL Instructor (650) 949-7999 x 4475eMail
Brittany FarmerP English instructor eMail
Deborah FassP ESLL Instructor eMail
Ari FeldP English instructor eMail
Hilda FernandezF English Instructor 650-949-7542eMail
Jordana FinneganF English Instructor, Honors Instructor (650) 949-7646eMail
Sam FleischerP English Adjunct Faculty eMail
Valerie FongF English Instructor (650) 949-7135eMail
Jessica GatewoodP English Instructor eMail
Liam GibsonP English Instructor eMail
Ebru Goksel-DemirP ESLL Instructor eMail
Naomi GoldnerP English instructor eMail
Scott GoldstoneP English Instructor (650) 949-7777eMail
Shigeko GotohP Japanese Instructor (Use Email)eMail
Kurt GravenhorstP English/Humanities Instructor eMail
Karen GregurasP English Instructor (Use Email)eMail
Dedrick GriffinP English instructor eMail
Katie HaF Supplemental Instruction 650-949-7447eMail
Alena HairstonP English Instructor eMail
Tess HansenF English Instructor (650) 949-7433eMail
Dianthe HarrisP English Instructor eMail
Sherri HarveyP English Instructor (650) 269-1288eMail
Jordan HayesP English instructor eMail
Vera HenzlP ESLL Instructor (650) 949-7999 x 4191eMail
Allison HermanF English Instructor 650-949-7460eMail
Jeff HillP English Instructor 650 949-7999 x4477eMail
Susana (Susie) HuertaF English Instructor/Puente Program Co-coordinator (650) 949-7437eMail
Kazuko IidaP Japanese instructor eMail
Linda JanakosP English Instructor Use emaileMail
Melissa JaquishP ESLL Instuctor eMail
Najwa JardaliF ESLL Instructor (650) 949-7530eMail
Kevin JonkerP English Instructor eMail
Joshua KatzP ESLL instructor eMail
Julie KlineP English Instructor eMail
Linda LaneF English Instructor- Emeritus eMail
Scott LankfordF Professor of English; Foothill Center for a Sustainable Future (650) 949-7540 voicemaileMail
Jeanette LehnP English Instructor eMail
Brian LewisF English Instructor (650) 949-7129eMail
Leesa MandelP ESLL Instructor eMail
Mako MatsudaP English instructor eMail
Maureen McCarthyF Division Administrative Assistant 650-949-7250eMail
David McCormickP ESLL Instructor (Use Email)eMail
James McDonaldP English Instructor Use emaileMail
Teresa McKimmeyP English eMail
Natalia A MenendezF English Instructor (650) 949-7438eMail
Richard MillsF English Instructor (650) 949-7543eMail
Richard MorasciF ESLL Instructor (650) 949-7458eMail
Ann OgleP English Instructor (Use Email)eMail
Erica OnughaF English Instructor 650-949-7436eMail
Caroline OuyangP ESLL Instructor eMail
Joshua PelletierP English Instructor eMail
Sarah PerkinsP English Instructor
Keith PrattF ESLL/English Instructor (650) 949-7535eMail
Ikuko Tomita RakowF Japanese Program Chair (650) 949-7670 or 7043eMail
Amy ReillyP English Instructor eMail
Julio Rivera-MontanezF Spanish Instructor (650) 949-7541eMail
Doren RobbinsF English/Creative Writing and Honors Instructor (650) 949-7678eMail
Angelica Q. Sapodillo ValentinezP NCEL Instructor eMail
Amy SarverP NCEL Instructor eMail
Keiko SatoP Japanese Instructor (650) 949-7999 x 4206eMail
Evan SchnairP English Instructor eMail
Audra SormanP English Instructor eMail
Benjamin SpanbockP English Instructor eMail
Isabel SperryP English Instructor 650 949-7999 x4471eMail
Paul StarerF Division Dean (650) 949-7227eMail
Kella SvetichF English Instructor, Honors Instructor (650) 949-7924eMail
Kacy TakamotoP English Instructor eMail
Stephanie TranP English instructor eMail
Eric TreanorP English Instructor eMail
Diane UyedaF ESLL Composition Instructor & Honors Linguistics Instructor (650) 949-7640eMail
Scott WarfeP English Instructor eMail
Brian WeydemullerP English Instructor eMail
Samuel WhiteF English Instructor eMail
Alexandria WhiteP English Instructor eMail
John WileyP ESLL Instructor (650) 949-7999 x 4219eMail
Kim WolterbeekF English Instructor (650) 949-7316eMail
Rita WongP ESLL Instructor eMail
Fujiko WortzP Japanese Instructor
Kazuko YasutakeP Japanese Instructor eMail
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