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Courses listed with an 'S' suffix are the first half of the course. 'T' indicates the second half. The student takes two quarters to complete a quarter's work and does not receive full credit for the course until 'T' is completed. 'S' must be taken before 'T'.

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Further expansion of the reading and discussion of texts dealing with the literature, arts, geography, history and culture of the Spanish-speaking world. Review and further development of the grammatical structures of first-year Spanish with emphasis on building communicative competence and expanding concrete vocabulary about new topics, and idiomatic usage. Emphasis on past tenses and past subjunctive. Writing and reading assignments based upon topics discussed in class.
Prerequisite: SPAN 4 or equivalent.
Repeatability: Not Repeatable.
5 hours lecture. (60 hours total per quarter.)
GE Area: Humanities
Transferability: CSU and UC
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