Welcome to the Foothill College STEM Internship Program!

This is a unique initiative that matches students majoring in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics) fields with internships at local universities and private companies. This is the fifth year the internship program has helped students gain real world experience in laboratories to conduct cutting-edge research in various fields of science, as well as make connections with scientists and industry officials.

Foothill College-San Jose State University Internship for Summer 2015


This is a 6-week internship (July 8th through August 17th) for Foothill College students. The selected students will engage in a research project in the Chemistry department at San Jose State University. They will be working in a chemistry laboratory under direct supervision and will be involved in preparing and characterizing chemical compounds while learning about chiral molecules and their use in synthesis of pharmaceuticals.


The participants will be required to work 25-30 hours a week. Each will receive a $1000 stipend.


Only current students of Foothill College are eligible. Completion of general chemistry (CHEM 1C) with B- or better is required. Participants must have experience with excel and must be able to keep a well-organized, complete lab notebook.


Students must submit the following documents: personal statement, resume, and unofficial transcript. In your resume, please provide two references. The first reference must be either your Chemistry 1C instructor at Foothill College or your Organic Chemistry instructor at Foothill College. The second reference should preferably be an instructor from any other college level science course with lab that you have successfully completed. All the required documents must be emailed to Internship Office, Foothill College in pdf format before the deadline. Please indicate "Foothill-San Jose Internship Application" in the subject line.

Application deadline is June 5th

For additional information, email Internship Office, Foothill College; or contact Prof. Esfandiari or Prof. Armstrong.

Note: Persons with disabilities who require reasonable accommodations to complete the application process should notify Phuong Tran at (650) 949-7208 in the Internship Office at time of application.

If you have any questions, please contact Phuong Tran at tranphuong@foothill.edu or (650) 949-7208.

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