Internship FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Below are answers to some frequently asked questions that may come up as you prepare your application for the Foothill College STEM Internship Program.

  1. Q: How long does the internship last?
    A: The internship will last the entire academic year. Students are normally placed into internships by November, and under the discretion of their supervisor, stay in their internship position until June.

  2. Q: When will I know if I have been accepted to the internship program?
    A: You should be notified by mid to late October if you have been selected by the internship committee.

  3. Q: If I am accepted into the program, does that guarantee me an internship position?
    A: Technically no. Because the program is a joint venture between Foothill College and an outside organization, after being recommended by the full committee for an internship, you will still need to interview with the private company/research lab/university/municipality before placement is official. Since the outside organization employs you, they have the final say on whether to offer a position in their organization. If you do not pass the interview, the committee will try its best to place you in an alternate internship position. Historically, about 90% of candidates recommended by the internship committee will be accepted by the outside organization for a position.

  4. Q: Can I specifically pick only interning at a specific organization (like Stanford) or only in one field?
    A: The internship committee will try their best to match you with an appropriate organization in your field of interest. Since the internship partners are constantly changing, we at this time CANNOT have students self-select their specific internship.

  5. Q: Do BOTH of my letters of recommendation have to come from STEM professors?
    A: It is preferred to have at least one letter of recommendation come from a science faculty member so that the internship committee can gain an understanding of your science/math abilities.

  6. Q: Do either of my letters of recommendation have to come from professors? I've been away from school for awhile and this will be my first quarter at Foothill College.
    A: If you have been away from school for awhile, it is sufficient to have both letters of recommendation come from employers or supervisors that can vouch for your abilities and work ethic. What helps the committee most is if those recommendation letters can give insight into your science/math abilities.

  7. Q: My references are on vacation and aren't answering emails until school starts.
    A: The deadline for letters of recommendation is September 30th, which gives faculty members some time to write a letter on your behalf after the academic year starts in the Fall. Please be diligent but patient with your references as many faculty members are being inundated for letter requests.

  8. Q: Do I actually have to have declared a STEM major to be eligible?
    A: As long as you are enrolled in a STEM class throughout the entire duration of the internship program, than you are eligible to participate.

  9. Q: What is a ZIP file?
    A: A ZIP file is a compressed, archival file format. If using a Windows PC, there are many free file utilities online that will make a ZIP file for you. (WinZip is the most recognized, but may not be free). If using a Mac, right click on the set of files you want to ZIP, and select the "Compress" option. There are many tutorials online if you are unsure of how to create a ZIP file.

  10. Q: How do I convert a Word file to an Adobe PDF file?
    A: There are also many tutorials on how to do this online, as well as some free utilities if using a Windows PC. If using a Mac, there should be a "Print to PDF" option already built into the operating system.

  11. Q: I'm coming right out of high school and don't have any grades from Foothill. What do I do? Am I still eligible?
    A: In this instance, the committee will base their decision on your grades from high school. Be sure to highlight any honors or AP courses in STEM subjects as well as any extracurricular activities that you feel has prepared you for an internship position.

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