Printing In The IDEA Center
IDEA Center image

There are two systems for Printing in the lab.

1. Go Print, designed for the HP Printers and Xerox color laser printer.

This system took effect in2007 and is the same as the one in the library and other labs on campus.  A printing card or an Owl card can be used for printing. The cards can be purchased in increments of $5.00 at the

ASFC Smart Shop, Campus Center, Room 2016

Contact the smart shop (650) 949-7551.

Name of Printers:

HP 5000- FHIDEA01
HP 4100- FHIDEA02
Xerox 7400- FHIDEA03C- Color laser

2. Stand Alone printing (Epson Printers Only) Ink Jet Color

These printers are configured to use the Epson Drivers and can print directly from the computers that are connected to the printers.
The cost for printing will also use the Owl card or printing card similar to Go Print.
Contact Instructor or Lab Assistant before printing.

Name of Printers:

Lab 34 Epson 2200 Photo 1
Lab 37 Epson 2200 Matt
Lab 35 Epson 2400
Lab 36 Epson 3800

3. Cost for Printing

Black and White Prints: 20 cents for 8.5x11 and 40 cents for 11x17.
Xerox Color laser: $1.00 for 8.5x11 and 1.75 for 11x17.

Epson Printing
$1.00 for 8.5x11
$1.75 for 11x17
$2.00 for 13x19
$3.00 for 17x22