Kella Svetich, Ph.D.
English Instructor, Honors Instructor

Language Arts Division
     (650) 949-7924
     (650) 949-7695 (Fax)

Foothill campus
Office: 6018

Kella grew up in Reno and the Bay Area, earned a BA and MA in English from the University of Nevada, Reno, just within eyeshot of the Circus Circus clown, worked for a while in UC San Diego's Epidemiology Department, taught for two years at Gutenberg University in Mainz, Germany (where she never did see a Gutenberg Bible but did give a midterm to students who chainsmoked throughout the event), and ultimately finished a PhD at UC Davis in English and Critical Theory--she dissertated in 20th-century things, most significantly Filipino American fiction, trauma, chopped up bodies, etc., but she never encountered the apocryphal half-transparent cow. Now she fantasizes about moving to Siquijor, teaches at Foothill, and--with a pack of errant mammals--lives in San Francisco, where she dances flamenco, sails, and self-teaches the fine art of serenity urban driving. She is particularly creeped out by overly long sentences and talking about herself in third person.

Personal Quote:
"I do not think, therefore I am a moustache." --Jean-Paul Sartre

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