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If you plan to enroll for the first time in an English course above ENGL 209, you must first complete an English placement test. Students whose primary language is not English should first take an ESLL placement test and complete required ESLL classes before enrolling in English Department classes. Refer to the front of the schedule for placement testing information or call (650) 949-7230.

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Advanced study and practice of argumentative writing with emphasis on critical analysis and evaluation of texts. Focus is on reading and writing assignments from across the disciplines to refine critical reading, writing, and thinking skills. The honors section is intensive in content, involving both writing and meta-analysis of complex texts. Includes collaborative evaluations of the content, evidence, organizing principles and style of a variety of texts. Course encourages students to examine assumptions, implications and unintended consequences of rhetorical and content choices. Includes focus on primary sources and the interpretations of these documents in contemporaneous writing. Course expands and enhances the student's ability to write with fluency, effectiveness, and intellectual rigor.
Prerequisite: Honors Institute participant.
Advisory: Not open to students with credit in ENGL 1C or 2.
Repeatability: Not Repeatable.
5 hours lecture. (60 hours total per quarter.)
GE Area: Non-GE Applicable
Transferability: CSU and UC
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