Faculty and Staff

Joe Ragey —

Area of Expertise - Graphic Design, Theatre Design, Drawing, Watercolor

Education & Distinctions

MFA, Digital Art, San Jose State University MFA, Theater, Awards from Chicago, San Francisco, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles

Self-responsibility counts. My students are not hand-held but broadly guided. The more inspired they are themselves, the more support I can give them. I would like to see that each and every one of you get the career you desire and I generally support outstanding talent.

As an active designer I make every endeavor to stay abreast of current design and of the use of digital media in the arts. Students are continuously fed new information of what is happening in this so rapidly progressive world of digitization.

Contact: rageyjoe@foothill.edu


Carolyn Brown —

Area of Expertise - Graphic and Web Site Design, Video, Online Instruction
Education & Distinctions

M.A, Educational Technologies, San Francisco State University B.F.A., Graphic Design, Tyler School of Art, Temple University B.S.E, Computer Science Engineering, Univ. of Pennsylvania Carnegie Scholar Awards from California Virtual Campus, Philadelphia Art Directors
Teaching is learning. Teaching stimulates the mind and is a catalyst for the creative process of both student and teacher. Learning is the exploration of one's knowledge in order to gain a deeper understanding of the subject and in a greater sense, the world.

Effective teaching shares enthusiasm for learning and empowers students by reaching out to them with dynamic examples and stories. The difference between teachers and students is not the amount of knowledge they have but their abilities to access information and process it. If a student can learn where to find the resources and how to use them, they will have the ability to learn beyond the confines of the classroom.

Contact: browncarolyn@foothill.edu


Kent Manske

Area of Expertise - Graphic Design, Printmaking, Book Arts, Illustration
Education & Distinctions
MFA, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, 1990 BFA, University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire, 1982, Arts Leadership Award, Arts Council Silicon Valley, ARTSHIFT award, 2008, President's Medal of Honor for Excellence in Teaching, Foothill College, 1995

Kent Manske is an image maker who uses traditional and digital printmaking processes to create one-of-a-kind and editioned prints, books and art objects. He actively exhibits his work and has taught art & visual communication at Foothill College, Los Altos Hills, California since 1990.

About Teaching and Learning
I am passionate about learning, particularly, the varied paths to developing skills for observation, inquiry, critical thinking, critical reflection and cognition. These skills value discovery, enhance life, and lead to an engaged citizenry. Art, design, and cultural production advance the literacy of both maker and interpreter in ways critical to a healthy society.

My art practice, cultural/community engagement, and involvement in the teaching arts are integrally linked. Each provide opportunity to transcend what is already know. In my teaching practice, I aim to help develop an individual's passion for meaningful communication through experiential learning, driven by inquisitiveness, a desire to communicate, and self expression. The development of organizational, conceptual, and technical skills can inspire previously unrevealed possibilities for insight, creation and exchange.

I encourage research, dedicated studio practice, asking hard questions, and critical reflection. Research utilizes existence as an ever-expanding library and is fuel for creativity. Critical reflection involves interrogating ideas, debating, and probing deeper levels of understanding. I find these activities fun, engaging and survival enhancing. I seek to help people discover previously unknown points of connection, communication, meaning and purposefulness.

I value an anthropological approach to art (emphasizing arts' social context), rather then a formalist approach (emphasizing visual qualities as central to meaning). Like learning, artistic development is a life-long activity. I encourage on-going exploration of diverse media and life-long study in the arts, contemporary theory, popular culture, and graphic communication.

About Community
I believe in the power of art and community to manifest and communicate values that can positively shape our humanity. Participating in creative communities and organizations provide incredible opportunities to share, collaborate and grow. Some communities gather yearly for annual events, others gather bimonthly for information exchange, critique, workshops and collaborations. I enjoy the diverse opinions, processes, attitudes and perspectives contributed by individuals who share both common and uncommon interests and histories.

About my Art Practice

Contact: http://www.foothill.edu/~kmanske/

Part-time Teachers

Jody Alexander
Stan Ettinger
William Dunn
Michael Day

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