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Each quarter, new ‘Live’ sites are set up in coordination with faculty, Foothill Global Access staff, and the Etudes Staff. Faculty may not use ‘Development’ sites to teach live courses with enrolled students. Faculty who plan to deliver fully online courses without using Etudes need to send student access (login) information to the Foothill Global Access office prior to the start of the upcoming quarter and provide course access information in the Course Summary.

In order to ensure that live course sites are set up in time, faculty are encouraged to adhere to the deadlines announced for requesting a ’Live’ course sites. Faculty will be able to import content into live sites from a development or other site. Information on these processes is provided below.

BEFORE Obtaining a 'Live' Site

Faculty must successfully complete Etudes training prior to obtaining a live course site. The training should be completed at least 6 weeks prior to be beginning of the next session.

Upon completion of Etudes training, faculty will be invited via email to request a ‘Development’ site and establish a new Etudes User ID by completing an online form. Use the Foothill College Employee ID Number on this form rather than SSN. This request form must be completed before a ‘Live’ course site can be set up.

Before a ‘Live’ course site can be set up for the upcoming quarter, the course section MUST be listed in the schedule with a CRN. 

Obtain a 'Live' Site

About five weeks before the start of the next quarter, faculty should submit an Etudes course site request via MyPortal. See Instructions for requesting an Etudes course site.

Foothill Global Access will flag the courses in the Student Information System in order to create a file of Etudes course sites and send it to the Etudes staff for processing.

The Etudes staff will then set up the "Live" course sites for use during that term and notify the faculty member. ‘Live’ course sites are set up about a month before the next quarter starts.

If the requested new live course site is not set up within a month before the next quarter starts, please contact the FGA office.  The titles of live Etudes course sites include the course CRN unless the course site combines more than one section.

What Faculty Need to Do Once ‘Live’ Sites Are Set Up

Once the new sites are installed, faculty will receive a confirmation email with the instructions provided below. New ‘Live’ sites will automatically show up as a tab when faculty log into Etudes.

Customize (Re-Order) Your Site Tabs

To access new term's ‘Live’ sites quickly, faculty may want to change the ORDER of the tabs.

  1. Go to MyWorkspace
  2. Click on Preferences
  3. Customize tabs

Be sure to un-publish sites when the term is over! Sites remain accessible and archived for two years, as required by law. Faculty can always publish them again for incompletes or refer to data for grade disputes.

Using "Import From Site"

  1. Go to the new term Live site.
  2. Click on Site Info.
  3. Click on 'Import from Site' (far right)
  4. Choose the site from where you want to import content
  5. Choose materials that you want to import (announcements, assignments, schedule, syllabus, and resources)
  6. Finish the process to complete the importation.

Please note that only the tools that are enabled in both sites will import content. If a tool is not enabled in the new Live site, there won't be a place for content to be ported. So, enable it first (Site Info > Edit Tools) if a tool is missing from your site.

To remove an unwanted items from previous terms, check the adjacent box and click on update. 

For a refresher on any of the import/export process of each tool, refer to the Tool tutorial in User Group Modules.

Publish Course Sites

New Live Etudes course sites are automatically UNpublished when they are set up. Enrolled students will NOT have access to your course site until you Publish it.

  • In order for enrolled students to login to your course site, you must to Publish it .
  • Most faculty will Publish their Etudes sites early in the morning on the first day of the quarter.

To publish or unpublish an Etudes course site:

1. Login to your course site.

2. Go to Site Info.

3. Click on Manage Access.

Course Roster

The course roster is loaded into Live course sites starting on the Thursday prior to the start of the quarter. At that point, enrolled students can only login to Etudes sites if the sites are Published.

The rosters in Etudes course sites will be refreshed twice each day, at around 5 am and 2 pm, throughout the quarter to match actual course enrollments in the Student Information System.

Instructors may want to send a Welcome message to enrolled students before the quarter begins (see Template Student Welcome Message) via MyPortal or Etudes Announcements.

Update Course Summary

If the course is fully online, then the instructor is responsible for updating the Course Summary. See Instructions for Updating Course Summary.