Introduction to Etudes and Online Learning

On Campus Orientation Session

Join us for a FREE face-to-face orientation to Etudes, the software most Foothill instructors use to teach online classes. You can choose to attend a session from the dates listed below. No registration is required.

Attend one of our Etudes orientation sessions on campus!

  • Tuesday, September 23 at 12:30-2 pm
  • Wednesday, September 24 at 3-4:30 pm

Topics covered in the orientation include:

Part 1

  • What is Etudes?
  • Computer and Web browser requirements
  • How to log in and get set up
  • Navigating the course website
  • Getting Help

Part 2

  • Viewing lectures
  • Completing assignments
  • Participating in class discussions
  • Taking tests and quizzes
No time for the face-to-face orientation?