Etudes Certification Training on Campus

Etudes Certification Training on campus will introduce you to all the features of Etudes that enable you to deliver instructon online. Each sessions covers a different selection of tools and options. The schedule of training sessions are posted to a Calendar each quarter.

See below for a comparison between training on campus and training via the Internet.

On Campus

  • 12 Hours of face-to-face instruction
  • 2-6 Hours out of class time
  • Cost: FREE
  • Discrete sessions-take in any order as your schedule allows
  • Practice site content is saved for you so you can develop REAL course materials that you then import to your live "practice" exercises unless you choose to do that

Via the Internet

  • 27-30 hours online activities
  • Cost: $75, reimbursed by FGA when you are certified
  • 3 weeks of daily online learning activities and assignments
  • Through Etudes Consortium with their instructors
  • Practice site contents are removed and unavailable to your after the training