Map Your Future Team

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Alexandra Duran Alexandra Duran
(650) 949-6973
Megan Crossfield Megan Crossfield
MYF Advisor/Coordinator
(650) 949-6959
Jonathan Yokoyama Jonathan Yokoyama
(650) 949-6959

Mimi Rea Mimi Rea
MYF Academies Counselor
(650) 949-6959
Janet Weber Janet Weber
Academic/Career Counselor
(650) 949-6959
LeeAnn Emanuel LeeAnn Emanuel
Academic/DSPS Counselor
(650) 949-6959


My Action Plan (MAP) Peer Advisor Program

David Ibarra David Ibarra
MAP Peer Advisor
(650) 949-6964
Angela Rosendo Angela Rosendo
MAP Peer Advisor
(650) 949-6964
Daniel Negrete Daniel Negrete
MAP Peer Advisor
(650) 949-6964
Ana Rosendo Ana Rosendo
MAP Peer Advisor
(650) 949-6957

Daisy Valenzuela Daisy Valenzuela
MAP Peer Advisor
(650) 949-6957
College & Career Connections
Map Your Future and SUEÑA
4000 Middlefield Road, Suite I-1
Palo Alto, CA 94303

Additional Support Services at Middlefield Campus

Alfred Guzman Alfred Guzman
Student Services Coordinator
(650) 949-6958
Josephine Christensen Josephine Christensen
Financial Aid Assistant
(650) 949-6987

Charlie McKellar Charlie McKellar
EMT/Paramedic Coordinator
(650) 949-6955
Betsy Nikolchev Betsy Nikolchev
Family Engagement Institute Director
(650) 949-6984

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