SUEÑA - Students United Encouraging 'N Achieving


The SUEÑA Program's main goal is to provide Dreamer, AB540, first generation college and underserved students with the necessary tools and information to succeed in pursuing a higher education and professional career. To achieve this, we function as a student support network.

Our Objectives
  • Strengthen a college-going and success culture among AB540/Dreamer/first
    generation/underserved students
  • Counsel students about how to apply for AB540, Dream Act benefits and
    support services
  • "Inclusive Community" program where students can interact and support each other
  • Allow access to information without revealing immigration status
  • Provide resources to increase parental support and guidance
  • Upcoming SUEÑA Events

Contact us for more information or to join our support network:
Phone (650) 949-6964
SUEÑA Includes:

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