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Faculty-Staff Member P/F TitlePhoneeMail
Al RuffinelliF IDEA LAB Technician (650) 949-7055eMail
Will HollinsF KCI Technical Instructional Associate (650) 949-7622eMail
Kay ThorntonF Theater & Fine Arts Facilities Coordinator (650) 949-7252eMail
Elizabeth BarkleyF Professor of Music History (650) 949-7267eMail
Janis BergmannF Theatre Arts Instructor (650) 949-7012eMail
Carolyn BrownF Graphic & Interactive Design Instructor (415) 997-9270eMail
Hilary GomesF Studio Art Instructor (650) 949-7272eMail
Paul DaviesF Music Instructor (650) 949-7141eMail
Ron HermanF Photography & Digital Imaging Instructor (Honors Instructor) (650) 949-7082eMail
Kate JordahlF Photography Instructor (650) 949-7318eMail
Keith LeeF Photography Instructor (Honors) (650) 949-7145eMail
Joe RageyF Art & Graphic Design Instructor eMail
Kristin Tripp CaldwellF Media Studies Instructor (650) 949-7562eMail
Bruce TamblingF Co-Director, Music Technology Program (650) 949-7333eMail
Carol JosselynF Communication Studies Instructor eMail
Preston NiF Communication Studies Instructor (650) 949-7440eMail
Melia ArkenF KCI Adminstrative Assistant (650) 949-7614eMail
Lauren P. VelascoF Communication Studies Instructor (Honors Instructor) (650) 949-7416eMail
Tom GoughF Theatre Arts Instructor (650) 949-7130eMail
Robert HartwellF Music Instructor, Honors Instructor (650) 949-7016eMail
Simon PenningtonF Acting Dean/ Art History Instructor (650) 949-7156eMail
Milissa CareyF Music & Theatre Arts Instructor (650) 949-7582eMail
Christina MooreF Theater Coordinator (650) 949-7011eMail
Mark AndersonF Music Instructor (650) 949-7555eMail
Eric KuehnlF Music Technology Instructor (510) 499-4082eMail
Andy RubleF Art/Ceramics Instructor (650) 949-7584eMail
Jordan FongF GID/Art Instructor 650-949-7585eMail
Joy HollandF Art Instructor (650)949-7477eMail
Photography LabP Photography Lab Manager (650) 949-7014
Janis StevensonP Music Instructor (650) 949-7411eMail
Eric KneelandP Graphic & Interactive Design Instructor eMail
Ed GoldfarbP Music Technology Instructor (415) 377-5831eMail
Noel BenkmanP Music Instructor (925) 639-2954eMail
Box OfficeP Box Office for Smithwick & Lohman Theaters (650) 949-7360
Jeff LevitchP Art Instructor eMail
Julie EngelbrechtP Theatre Arts Instructor (650) 949-7111eMail
Michael DayP Graphic & Interactive Design Instructor (408) 505-6479eMail
Karl SchmidtP Music Instructor (650) 961-3673eMail
RJ WardP Music Technology/Video Arts Instructor eMail
Michael SultP Music Instructor (650) 949-7403eMail
Karin PogosianP Communication Studies Instructor eMail
DeAnna GossettP Graphic & Interactive Design Instructor (424) 835-0560eMail
Zaki HasanP Communication Studies Instructor eMail
Kimberly CookP Art Instructor eMail
William CrattyP Music Instructor eMail
Jim BrunoP Music Instructor www.SongClasses.comeMail
Lesley LoudenP Photography Instructor eMail
Eric JohnsonP KFJC Radio Station Coordinator (650) 949-7260
Anthony KitagawaP Ceramics Technician (650) 949-7584eMail
Lauri SmithP Theatre Arts Instructor (650) 888-3950eMail
Chia-Yin LinP Music Instructor eMail
Cydney Erickson-FeinsteinP Video Arts Instructor eMail
Benett ZussmanP Music Technology Instructor eMail
Matt DonnerP Music Technology Instructor (415) 896-9800 x207eMail
Suzanne WellerP Music Technology Instructor (831) 457-2303eMail
Cynthia SiegelP Art/Ceramics Instructor (650) 949-7584eMail
R. Doc PelzelP KFJC Station Supervisor (650) 949-7260eMail
Doug ThreetP Communication Studies Instructor (408) 807-7887eMail
Elizabeth ConsavariP Art Instructor (650) 949-7555eMail
Mary SunseriP Communication Studies Instructor eMail
Carol WolfP Theater Instructor eMail
Jacqquelyn HortonP Communication Studies Instructor eMail
Roxanne CnuddeP Communications Instructor eMail
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