Carol Josselyn, Ph.D.
Communication Studies Instructor

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     Communication Studies

Foothill campus

Course information:
COMM12 (Intercultural Communication) is transferable to both the CSU and UC’s, is approved for IGETC Area 4, GE Areas V, VI or VII and is applicable to the AA degree, COMM major and certificates.

Course Description: A comparative and integrative study of intercultural communication in American Society. Analysis of cultural histories, cultural concepts, language, ethnic perspectives, perceptions, symbols and roles as they facilitate or hinder effective verbal and nonverbal interaction across cultural lines. Examination of cultural identities which influence thinking and behavior, such as race, class, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, nationality, age, appearance, and physical ability.

Traveling and exploring new places, making batiks, sailing, biking, learning new languages, research and writing

Dr. Carol Josselyn received her BA from Occidental College, MA from Southern Illinois University and Ph.D. from the University of Washington. She spent her junior year in Japan teaching English and returned three more times, most recently with Foothill’s Campus Abroad Program. During her graduate school years, Dr. Josselyn spent nine months backpacking around the world, through Europe, the Middle East, and Asia ending up in Japan where she researched her doctoral dissertation on Japanese theater.
Dr. Josselyn has taught at the university level including the University of Puget Sound, Southern Oregon State University, and Cal State University, Los Angeles, but prefers the community college because of the emphasis on teaching. She has taught a variety of subjects including Interpersonal Communication, Oral Interpretation of Literature, Small Group Communication, Voice and Diction, Public Speaking, Communication for International Students, Gender Communication and most recently Intercultural Communication.
Dr. Josselyn enjoys being a student too and spent a sabbatical year in France studying French language and culture and the troubadours of the Middle Ages. Most recently she took an educational tour of the British Isles. She researched and wrote two textbooks specifically designed for her Foothill College students, “How to Give an Effective Presentation,” and “How to Communicate More Effectively in Groups.” The latter is available on Kindle at Dr. Josselyn is very active in campus life having served on the Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Month Committee, Chair of the Student Commencement Speaker Selection Committee, the Academic Senate, Curriculum Committee, Student Grievance Committee and numerous hiring and tenure committees. She is dedicated to her students, helping to ensure their educational experience is both enriching and rewarding.

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