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I'm the guy who thinks instructional technology should be every educator's third specialty after 1) student-centered learning pedagogy and 2) content expertise. The fourth speciality I wish for every educator is visual literacy, specifically, the ability to communicate with fewer words and more imagery. Fifth, since I'm on roll, information literacy should be an educator's key for developing their students' critical thinking skills. OK, I've got six! Creativity and problem-solving are the workforce skills we appreciate on our work teams and should be an integral part of every academic subject taught.

Visual literacy, creativity, concept mapping, problem solving, curriculum design, educational technology

Steven McGriff, Ph.D., is the Teacher-in-Residence at the Krause Center for Innovation (KCI), a full-time faculty appointment. Previously, Dr. McGriff was an assistant professor in the College of Education, Department of Instructional Technology at San Jose State University (SJSU) for six years, where he taught graduate students, who were primarily K-12 teachers. Steve shares leadership responsibility of the KCI with the executive director and director of marketing and strategy.

Dr. McGriff’s general responsibilities include designing and developing educational technology courses and programs for K-18 educators about the effective integration of technology into classroom instruction. Further, he collaborates with regional and state educational agencies, non-profit organizations, and corporate partners to create educational opportunities for teachers and students to effectively use technology in the classroom.

As a professor of instructional technology at SJSU, Dr. McGriff taught courses to master’s degree students, who were primarily teachers with a mix of business and industry professionals. He has taught courses in systematic instructional design, e-learning, emerging technologies for teachers, visual literacy and supervised field placement experience. Dr. McGriff has the ability to synthesize and evaluate concepts related to teaching and learning with technology, as well as deliver instruction in a relevant manner for immediate application by teachers for their students’ success.

Dr. McGriff has had extensive experience in higher education and educational technology leadership, most recently as assistant professor of instructional technology at San Jose State University for six years. He has presented at national conferences and taught internationally. He is associated with local and state teacher organizations.

Dr. McGriff completed his doctoral studies at Penn State University in instructional systems, a master’s degree in instructional technology from San Jose State University, and a bachelor of arts in art design from Stanford University.

Personal Quote:
Education is the acquisition of the art of the utilization of knowledge.
—Alfred North Whitehead, Aims of Education and other Essays, 1924

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