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Ashok Sinha, Ph.D.
Chemistry Instructor

Physical Sciences, Mathematics & Engineering Division
     (650) 949-7999 x4533

Foothill campus

Course information:
Chem1C Files:
1. Chem1C Syllabus
2. Chem1c Lab Syllabus
3. How to access Mastering General Chemistry: Online Homework Web Site
Some Important Lists:
1. List of Polyatomic Ions
2. Important Equations & Constants
3. Periodic Table & Solubility Rules
4. Template: Qual. Analysis Report
5. Example of completed Qual. Analysis Report Sheet

Chem1C Lab Packet:
** Labpro Quick Start Guide **(Important)
1. BuffersDay1
2. BuffersDay2
3. Titration Curves
4. Solubility Product
5. Freezing Point Depression
6. Le Chateliers Principle
6a. Organic Reaction
7. Redox WorkSheet
8. Voltaic Cells
9. Electrochemical Cells & Equiv. Mass
10. Qualitative Analysis: Discussion
11. Qualitative Analysis Group A
12. Qualitative Analysis Group B
13. Qualitative Analysis Group C
14. Qualitative Analysis Group D
Example of Recent Tests (With Key):
1. LecExam1
2. LabQuiz1
3. LecExam2
4. LabQuiz2
5. Final Exam
Some Old Chem1C Tests (with key):
1. Old LecTest1
2. Old LecTest2
3. Old Final Test

Chem12B Files:
1. FH_Chem12B_Sp09_GreenSheet
2. A website to practice NMR problems (Go down the page)
3. LecExam1 for Practice (Don't look at the solution in the beginning :-)
4. Materials to be covered in LecExam1
5. Solution to FH_Chem12B_Sp09_LabQuiz1
6. Combined Spectra Worksheet
7. Synthesis Problem Worksheet
8. Synthesis Problem Solution: But try yourself first, before looking at the solutions
9. Formula Calculation from Rule Of Thirteen
10. Compuchem Worksheet
11. A guide to synthetic problems (Go down the page)
12. Practice Exam2 with Key
13. A website on aromaticity
14. More Organic Chemistry Practice Problems
15. Solution to Lab Quiz2

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