What is a 30-Minute Counseling Appointment?
  • The development of your Student Education Plan (SEP)
  • Academic, progress and disqualification holds
  • Transfer Admission Guarantees (TAGs) contracts
  • Financial Aid and Veterans Educational Plans
  • Choosing a major and career planning
  • Course substitutions
  • Filing petitions for degrees or certificates
  • Transcript evaluation
How to Prepare for a 30-Minute Counseling Appointment
  • Bring transcripts from other colleges, test scores, your education plan, and any other records that are relevant to the issues you want to discuss.
  • Make a list of questions you want to ask.
  • Do as much legwork ahead of time so you can make the most out of your time with the counselor.
Note: Any documents (transcripts, forms, etc.) faxed or emailed to the Counseling Division are used by the counselors and then shredded. They are not kept on file at the division office.
To Make a 30-Minute Counseling Appointment
TIP: Same-day appointments are sometimes available! For best results, we recommend checking the online appointment system early in the morning and to check daily to see if any appointments have opened up. Note: If a student misses two appointments in one quarter he/she will be prevented from making further appointments for the rest of the quarter.
If a student cannot keep an appointment, it is imperative to either go online to cancel the appointment at least 24 hours in advance (see below for instructions) or call (650-949-7423) to cancel.
Telephone Counseling Appointments
If you are a distance learner or cannot make it to campus for a counseling appointment, you can schedule a telephone appointment: When logging into the online appointment system, select the option, "A Telephone Appointment" in the Reason Code window. It will be the student's responsibility to call the counselor at the appointed time. Counselors' direct contact information is found on the Counseling Faculty & Staff web page.
Please note: Prior to your appointment, you will receive a text and/or email reminder and it will tell you to meet at the counseling office, 8302; disregard that. Again, it is the student's responsibility to call the counselor at the appointed time. Counselors' direct contact information is found at foothill.edu/counseling/counselors.php.
Canceling a Counseling Appointment
If you need to cancel your appointment, please do so at least 24 hours in advance. There are two ways to cancel:
1. Log into the Main Campus Online Appointment System or
Middlefield Campus Online Appointment System.
  • Click on View or Cancel Appointments button
  • Click on Cancel button on the left
  • Select a reason for canceling
  • Click on Continue button to cancel the appointment
2. Call the Counseling Office at (650) 949-7423.
Probation Counseling
Each quarter, students placed on academic/progress probation will receive an e-mail/letter from Admissions and Records notifying them of their probation level and that a registration hold has been placed on their student account.
Students will be given specific instructions on how to clear the hold based on their level of probation.
  • If you have been placed on Level 3: Severe probation, you must attend and participate in a group counseling session to have your hold removed. Schedule your group counseling appointment here.
  • If you have been placed on Level 4: Pre-Dismissal probation, please schedule your individual counseling appointment under the "To Make a 30-Minute Counseling Appointment" heading above. When asked to select a reason, click "Probation/Disqualification."
  • Level 6: Dismissal students must sit out for at least one term. In order to be eligible to return to Foothill College, the student will need to submit a petition for Admission after Disqualification, which will require an individual counseling appointment. These students must refer to the email and letter sent to them for appointment scheduling information, as well as how to complete the petition process.
Got Questions?
You will find many answers to your questions within the Foothill website or when you click on ASK Foothill, found on our home page or at https://foothill.intelliresponse.com/students/.