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For additional information about The Early Childhood Leadership Institute contact Jeanne Thomas, Department Chair,
About the Institute

The Early Childhood Leadership Institute is dedicated to increasing and enhancing the knowledge base, skills and competencies of the early childhood administrator though providing opportunities for advanced training, professional growth, networking and support.

The Early Childhood Leadership Institute recognizes the specialized knowledge and skills required to be an effective manager of an early care and education program. We understand that to improve the quality of programs that serve young children and their families, the director's administrative skills must be strong and continually evolving. To create early childhood programs with work environments that develop, support and retain skilled teachers, program directors capable of strong leadership are essential.

Research supports The Early Childhood Leadership Institute's mission:

  • Directors' level of formal education is a strong predictor of overall program quality.
    Bloom, 1990, 1996; Cost, Quality, and Child Outcomes Study Team, 1995; Kagan & Bowman, 1997; Lower & Cassidy, 2007; Phillips, et al., 2001; Vandell & Wolfe, 2000; Vu, Jeon, & Howes, 2008; Washington, 2008; Whitebook, et al., 2008, 2001.

  • There is a positive relationship between the quality of administrative practices and the quality of the children's learning environment in center- based programs.
    Lower & Cassidy, 2007; MCECL, 2010; National Center for Children and Families, 2008.

  • Directors with higher levels of education and specialized training in program administration are more likely to support the professional development of their teaching staff, secure and maintain program funding, and achieve center accreditation.
    Fowler, Bloom, Talan, T., Beneke, S., & Kelton, 2008; MCECL, 2008; Bredekamp & Willer, 1996.

  • The credential level of the director is a predictor of classroom quality.
    Vu, Jeon & Howes, 2008.

The Director Saturday RoundTable
Saturday, November 22, 10:00 AM - 12:30 PM

The Early Childhood Leadership Institute at Foothill College Presents
Download: The Director RoundTable Flyer

Foothill College at the Cubberly Community Center
4000 Middlefield Road, Palo Alto, CA. 94303
Room J7
Park free in the back of complex by tennis courts.
FREE! Pot Luck Lunch

RSVP only if planning to attend --
Call up a fellow director and drive together!